What Happened Today?

If you read my blog post from early on, and then read our facebook fan page you might be wondering What Happened Today? I thought I would briefly let you all know….that we didn’t actually head off! Seems crazy – I know! But I had scheduled my blog post last night because I thought we were leaving today. Then I got side tracked and before I knew it the day got away – I so should have edited the blog post before it went live!

But the Bundaberg Newspapers got in touch with us this morning (lucky they caught us before we left Bundaberg), and we decided instead of trying to rush off after they visited our family, we will leave tomorrow.

We are heading off tomorrow as we have the Caravan Place booked, and we also have the moving permit organised for today and tomorrow! So we have to be on the road!!

Here is a short vlog where I show you how packed the bus is on the inside…..

Here is how the boys helped David today!

 What Happened Today

 Cameron helping David with last minute jobs!

Last minute jobs

 Zac helping David get the Washing Machine into the Boot!

Almost ready to leave

 Kyle was sitting in the drivers seat – ready to drive the bus!

We will be getting on the Road tomorrow no matter what! It will be a case of we have to!


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