What This Christmas Has Taught Our Family

This Christmas (2011) is not what I had imagined for our first year in our Motorhome! But it has helped to re-confirm, refocus and taught me (and my family) more than I thought possible.

Christmas Family Moments

You see I had thought we would be down south by now. Visiting new places. Discovering new adventures. Not returning to home base without our Motorhome!!

What This Christmas Has Taught Our Family

Merry Christmas – Santa saying Hello 🙂

The time has been good. I have nothing but time to think and time to reflect.

Our boys have also had much-needed quality one-on-one time with their Grandparents.

Nicholas has become granddad’s shadow – helping with all of the farm chores. Cameron and Kyle are enjoying the freedom of running around the house, exploring their favorite trees and helping Grandma in the kitchen.

Our older son is happy – he has the big screen TV upstairs to watch the Cricket.

Zachery is happy as he has the freedom to use the kitchen (he loves cooking!), is able to visit his friends from youth group and like our older son he has the use of the upstairs to himself!

Returning To A House

Being in a house (again!) has re-confirmed my views. I never want the responsibility of owning a big house again. I never want to own “Stuff” that takes time to clean, nor do I want a place that requires maintenance.

What Christmas is all about

Happiness Is What Our Family Needs!

I have also realised that nothing in our shipping container holds any value to who we are, or what we are about. We don’t need the Stuff in the boxes to make us happy.

Our younger boys are keen to get into the shipping container, to find their things but I have asked them to wait as I know that we do not have the storage space.

I also know that they would only really play with their toys for a little while, and then forget about them!

Christmas Day

Christmas day was very low-key, with little amounts of toys for each of our boys. Santa was good – he brought them books and games that they enjoy!

We did not want the day to be about who got the “Biggest” toy or the most Expensive Toy. We wanted our boys to love the day and to enjoy each other rather than material things.

It has also taught me that I want to be on the road forever! We are so keen to be down South. We have spent enough time on the Sunshine Coast and have supported enough local businesses (with our money and our blogs).

Dreaming about travel

Dreaming About Travel!

Time to have a new outlook for our home on wheels.

It is also time to think about our homeschooling plans. Zachery wants to enter the navy as an officer. For that to happen he has to have his year 12 certificate. He also needs to be 18 years of age. That gives him 2 years to get it all sorted.

Time to think about do we continue with homeschooling or do we enter him into a TAFE to finish his year 11/12?

These past few days, while they are not a break from life, have been a good time to reflect.

It has also been good to listen to stories that my older son is sharing about his defence force training. He loves his new lifestyle and has fitted in so well. Wish I was able to share his stories with you but all I can say is that he is happy which makes me happy.

What Has The Christmas Week Done For You?




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2 thoughts on “What This Christmas Has Taught Our Family

  • December 28, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    So glad you got a chance to have your whole family together for Christmas Lisa. Looking forward to seeing you back in the bus and headed south soon!
    Steve recently posted..Best of 2011 – Best Concert

    • December 28, 2011 at 6:14 pm

      Hi Steve,

      Thanking you so much for your kind words and amazing support! We are soon keen to be on the road asap 🙂



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