What To Have For Dinner :: When I Cant Be Bothered

Some times I so couldn’t be bothered cooking dinner especially when there is only Cameron, Kyle and I at home! Tonight was one of those nights where I kept asking (our family) What Should We Have For Dinner?

Our Easy Meal

What To Have For Dinner When I Cant Be Bothered….when really our boys can’t have anything unless it’s cooked fresh? Damn stupid preservatives, colours and all that – why the hell do companies make food with such garbage ingredients?

Well I Found Pizza!

I found Pizza that our boys can eat and they (Fingers are crossed) shouldnt show any side effects tomorrow……..

What To Have For Dinner

Roasted Mediterranean ~

Woolworths Brand!

When I Cant Be Bothered Cooking

Mushroom and Mozzarella ~

Wood Fired Pizza!

Pizza cooking for dinner

Cooking Pizza ~

Without having an oven we cook most of our meals in this!

easy night from cooking a meal

Cameron eating his Favorite ~ Mushroom Pizza 🙂

easy meal for dinner without cooking

Kyle Eating his Dinner 🙂

It looks good, it taste good, and our boys are happy! Such an easy meal while living in a Motorhome.

Then before I went to throw the boxes into the garbage bin I decided to check the ingredients! BUMMER – they have preservatives in the ingredients. DAMN – will see what happens tomorrow with their behaviour – Zachery! He checked the box while we were shopping in Woolworths and I didnt think to double check it.

Its a DVD night and easy meal!

What Do You Have For Dinner When You Cant Be Bothered?



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