Where Are We Now

Our life sure has been full of adventures moving lately…from staying in a caravan park cabin, to book three nights in a Holiday Apartment to now moving into a Fully Furnished Apartment. Did you know that last night we had two apartments in our name, and had access to both of them….to confusing to try and explain that one!

Where Are We Now? We are on the Sunshine Coast, putting into place things for our year 2015 to work out.

This is our inside of the Fully Furnished Apartment – it used to be an apartment that was in the “Holiday” list for the real estate….

Fully Furnished Apartment


Where Are We Now


Open Plan Style Home….and it feels so homey.

And the furniture is all the same colour scheme which makes me feel relaxed…

Dining Table and Chairs


Boys Bedroom


Kyle in the bedroom


Not having to unpack Boxes/and move furniture in….makes a huge difference. We have suitcases and Storage Box of Food/Herbs to move in with.  Plus our Pillows/Swimmers/Homeschooling books/Taekwondo Uniforms and a small esky of things like milk/butter.

We are waiting on sheets to arrive from eBay so we will use our Campervan Bedding until then. I will be also putting away all of the bed covers so that when we go to leave I can put them back on the beds – that way I know they will be kept safe/clean/in good condition.

I have taken the pillows off the lounges and put them into the main bedroom cupboard so again the Lounge Pillows can go back on when we move out, and they will be in good condition.

So we are still living out of suitcase for the time being!

I was even able to have dinner cooking by 11.00am!! I cooked for a family in need, who needing a evening without having to worry about the stress of cooking – sure am sending them healing love.

And even made another batch of dinner for our family so David doesn’t have to cook tonight! I cooked Chicken Spaghetti Bolognaise – with Gluten Free Pasta for our family.

Dinner for tonight


Now I need to make our beds, and we are all sorted…..

So excited to start exploring – can’t wait to Climb Mt Ngungun {with a great friend} once again, climb Mt Coolum, Visit Maleny {again – we used to explore that area a lot when we owned our own home}, catch up with long lost friends…and catch up with new friends.

Still need to try and catch up on our travels from around Christmas/January/February time! I can’t wait to start looking through my pictures and sorting them out for future blog posts. Does that answer your all questions of “Where Are We Now“.

Why A Rented Apartment?

Would you believe that a fully furnished rented Apartment is way cheaper {per week} then a Caravan Cabin on the Sunshine Coast! If we had our Motorhome with us we did have the perfect place to park her, right on the beach! But our plans changed…luckily we are flexible.

And I couldn’t bear to rent a empty place because there was no way in this world was I buying more furniture when we don’t need it after this year! It cost about $10,000.00 to set up a Home….money that will be wisely spent on our plans!

New Life on the Road is going to continue…just with a difference – we are going to come back better and stronger with the ideas that both David and I have. And yep this year I have something that I can’t wait to share with you all…but not right now!  You will have to wait 😉

Where Are You Now?








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3 thoughts on “Where Are We Now

  • February 26, 2015 at 5:25 pm

    Well of course you had TWO apartments because the other one is for ME, silly girl!! Those are some nice digs and I will be very comfy and cozy in mine! Oh what time is dinner?? I will do the dishes ok, Lisa? xoxo’s 🙂
    Mike recently posted..Seattle Center Monorail in Seattle, Washington

    • February 27, 2015 at 11:59 am

      Oh yes please…. come on down under and do the dishes – normally I have to do them after dinner!
      Yeah I can’t explain how we ended up with two apartments in our name for one night, its something I never thought would happen but I blame the floods – the real estate had water up to their front door so we couldn’t sign paper work when we needed to !!

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