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White Water World Goldcoast

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Posted by on February 8, 2012

As we were looking around Dreamworld last Saturday, we were not sure if we should go on over to White Water World – we were starting to run out of time…but our boys decided that they wanted to see what it was like, even if we had less than an hour to closing time!

We are so glad that we listened to our boys request! As White Water World Goldcoast soon became our all time favorite! Watching our boys have fun in the water, while we got to cool our feet off rocked.

White Water World Goldcoast

Dreamworld and White Water World Goldcoast are connected together. (Never knew that before!) So we were able to walk between the two. I took Nic and Kyle back to the car to get changed into swimmers and re-fill water bottles. After we entered White Water World, Kyle was keen to hit the water asap…so I let him run off while Nicholas went looking for David and our other three boys.

White Water World Goldcoast

Pipeline Plunge Ride ~

Kyle ran everywhere over this…and loved getting so wet!

White Water World

Pipeline Plunge ~

Everyone getting ready for the water to drop ~

Cameron in the Green Checked Shirt is running away from the bell!

White Water World Goldcoast

Pipeline Plunge ~

Waiting for the bell to come down!

While Kyle, Nicholas and Cameron were playing in the water (and having fun with the massive bell) Zachery decided to be brave enough to get onto the Cyclone. David and I actually got five minutes to ourselves, and I was keen to cool my feet off. The water was so inviting. Even though I didn’t have my swimmers I was keen to get into the water.

David and I explored the walk ways of White Water World and found a ride called “The Green Room” – gosh I wanted to go on that one! Damn for forgetting my swimmers! I rushed back to the “Pipeline Plunge” and gathered Nicholas, Cameron and Kyle up. We rushed back to David, where we watched the green room ride for a few minutes. I asked the boys if they wanted a go, before I could say any thing more they were off.

White Water World Goldcoast

The Green Room ~

Riding down on a rubber ring!

David waited with camera ready, and I sat at the edge with my feet and my legs into the water. It was so peaceful, and so cool – even with so many great kids around us screaming (from joy) it was still so peaceful!

We waited, and waited. Then we saw them coming……down with big grins on all of their faces.

White Water World Goldcoast

Nicholas Kyle and Cameron riding The Green Room!

Next we headed to the “Cave of Waves” pool. I even ended up getting wet – I decided to sit on one of the white rubber rings that was floating around! Cameron and Kyle found two other white rubber rings, and were having a ball playing “Bumping Games” with them! I was in heaven – floating on my back, bum in the water, feet in the cool water – then another child asked for the ring!

White Water World Goldcoast

Cave of Waves ~

Relaxing on clear water tubs!

I gave it to her….and then realised how wet I was! Oh well – at least we all cooled down.

While we enjoyed the last 45 minutes of our day, Zachery was re-entering the “Cyclone”  ride –  he ended up riding it three times in a row…gosh his smile was huge when he re-joined us!

White Water World

Cabanas For Hire ~

Relax while your children are having fun!

Find our how to rent one here.

When the Lifeguard starting blowing his whistle, and ordering everyone out of the Cave of Waves Pool we realised that it was time to leave. Gosh was it the best day ever….our boys loved being wet, loved the GreenRoom ride and can’t wait to return. We would buy a seasonal pass just for the White Water Wordl section – Dreamworld section is a bonus!

Information about White Water World Goldcoast:-

Location – Dreamworld Parkway Coomera QLD

Prices – Various at different times of the year (and different deals!) – Purchase your tickets here.

Favorite Rides – Our family favorite ride at Dreamworld was Thunder River Rapid Ride

                              – At White Water World – The Green Room!

Want to forget about waiting at rides? There is a Q4U system – where you can pick your ride, book a time and skip the queues! Book it at the front entrance or online.

Have You Got A Favorite Ride at White Water World?




Please Note – New Life on the Road visited Dreamworld White Water World Goldcoast courtesy of Dreamworld. All thoughts and opinions are our own! We loved our visit, and would highly recommend Dreamworld White Water World for a family fun day out!

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7 Responses to White Water World Goldcoast

  1. jan

    Here I am sweating away over my computer keyboard – white water world is floating my boat. I wish I was under that big spray of water right now.
    jan recently posted..TWO ITALIAN OBSESSIONS

    • Lisa

      Hi Jan,

      Oh yeah!! Now that would be brilliant….gosh it is a warm one today :)


  2. Lisa

    My kids would LOVE that place!
    Lisa recently posted..How Not to See the Colosseum

  3. Jackie Stenhouse

    White water world looks fantastic. It wasn’t built when we went to Dreamworld but we have taken the kids to wet n wild and that was so much fun.
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..Valentines Day Decorations

  4. David Moloney

    I headed to white water world last year. It was one of the highlights of my trip. Easily better than Dream World as the water adds another dimension to the rides. Loved it. I’m looking forward to going back with my kids. The Green Room ride had me fearing for my life the first time I went down, but I ended up going down about 10 times.

    Just don’t go during school holidays as I imagine the lines would be a killer.
    David Moloney recently posted..You Need to CCleaner Your Computer

    • Lisa

      Hi David,

      It sure is amazing at White Water World! Our boys loved our very short time that we were there – and we would go back any time! Highly recommend the day – love the Green Room Ride….that will be one ride that I will try when we do go back there.

      Yeah I reckon school holidays would be very busy, that is why the Q4U ( is such a great idea – book and not have to line up at each ride is the way to go!


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