Why I Took A Facebook Status Down

Yesterday I posted about my thoughts on the two sweet baby boys who lost their lives along with their own father taking their lives. I posted my thoughts on how such a senseless act has left a sweet Mama behind without her family.

I posted my thoughts on why so many Australian families are all suffering the same fate – and how our world has changed and why its happening.

Today I woke up to see such hurtful comments about my thoughts that I took down the Facebook Status because I don’t want the nasty words to reflect back on those sweet boys. And I don’t ever want their sweet Mama to see such negative talk. It was not my intention for a hate debate.

You see I don’t think attacking the Father and calling him names is going to help the situation. I don’t think attacking people online because of their thoughts is the best solution to a huge on growing problem that our families are suffering down under.

They say that its a Mental Health illness that is one of the leading causes behind such tragic accidents. And I am not going to go into the what’s, why’s and who’s to blame.

My point in sharing my thoughts on Facebook was to open people’s eyes to the fact that saying nasty things about the Father is not going to change the outcomes from what happened to that family, to what could happen to any family.

If we start calling names like “Murderer” and more dangerous terms then what message are we sending to our Children, to our Families, to Our Men, to our Future Fathers? I am raising boys into Men and I don’t want them to think its not Okay to ask for help for when they need it.

Our Men need to be aware that they do not have to Perfect. 

Our Men need to be aware that they can ask for help before taking a fatal step that changes everything and can’t be undone.

Our Men need to know that they are important to their family, and that they are needed here on earth.

We don’t need to be attacking one Father for taking two precious lives – he needed help. And he never felt safe to accept that help. Or he did take the help but it was too deep a situation to be fixed. Or maybe he was getting better but something set him back.

Why I Took A Facebook Status Down this morning was because I don’t want to see keyboard warriors going back and forward saying hurtful things.

I shared MY THOUGHTS on the tragic circumstances to show that being mean to the Father for taking his own life and that of his two sweet boy, will not fix the situation, won’t change what he did, and will keep happening until we all start to look at the link between our Food, our house hold chemicals, our medication side effects, our toxic way of living.

We live in a very Toxic World. One where parents think they have the right to judge other parents, and one where they attack each other either online or in person.

So no wonder why our Fathers are taking their own lives, and those that they are supposed to protect. I am not saying its their right or making excuses for what they have done. Its beyond wrong what he did.

What I am saying is that we need to look into the “Why” – and to look at what each family is doing in their day to day life/lifestyle to see the link. Because I know in my heart there is a reason why and there is a link.

Why We Don’t Believe In Doctors

We started our natural way of living journey with a book about the Additives/Colours/Preservatives in our Food and have done a lot more reading since then.

We have read “Fed Up With Children’s Behaviour” by Sue Denagate and our First ever book was “Additive Alert” By Julie Eady and we shop with our Code Chart all of the time.

Its scary what they are putting in our Food – why are so many people Gluten Free in our day and ages??? Look at how the wheat is grown, look at how many chemicals are sprayed on our crops as they grow.

Why has the ADHD exploded and more and more kids are being medicated? Why do we have a huge population of Children/Adults who are depressed and mentally unwell.

Look at how many processed ways our food is presented to us. And you to will see that there is a link. There is a very high number of foods that are banned in other countries {along with energy drinks} yet are still sold here in Australia. What is that doing to our Brain Chemicals??

Why is sugar added to so much food products? Sugar is now more dangerous then any drug out there because its so addictive and changes the way you think.

Lets Clear Up The Keyboard Warriors Who Don’t Know Me:

And to clear a few Ass-umed things up for you all.

Yes I have dealt with Mental Illness for a very long time with some one very close to me – all my life time.

Yes I have seen what the right medication will do to that person – its a benefit.

Yes I have seen what the wrong type of medication will do to that person – its bloody scary and I am not sure how we survived those years.

Yes I have had Post-Natal Depression with one of my boys, many years ago, and it was severe. Yes I was on Medication for over a year with my counselling treatment. Yes it helped {when I found the right medication}.  Yes I became addicted to it and had to be weaned off it.

Yes I have been on Facebook for some time. Sorry if YOU don’t see my posts all of the time – I post every. Single. Day. And no I won’t pay facebook for my status updates so if you can’t see my posts then I am sorry but its a facebook issue not mine or yours.

If you are wanting to see what we are doing then we also have a twitter account, instagram account and this blog. But thats beside the issue.

Why I Took A Facebook Status Down this morning when I woke up because it became a land mine. And it was fast exploding into something I didn’t want to see or read.

Love Is What Is Needed

You see it was my love for that Family that I wrote my thoughts.

You won’t get me to believe in the Medical Industry anymore – we turned our backs on it over six years ago. We believe that in Hospitals are great for Broken Bones or Trauma. But we don’t seek out the Medical world for any of our illness or anything that we know we can heal with our foods/oils/massage/remedies.

So don’t waste your time or breath trying to point out that the Medical Industry is for our benefit. Its not. Its for making more money to the Governments and to the Pharmaceutical Companies.

End of Topic right there.

And I won’t be calling any Fathers Murderers for what they have done. I don’t think its right or fair what the father did with driving off the wharf and taking his two sweet little boys with him, that was not what a Father love is about.

He Was Changed, Damaged

But he wasn’t the person who everyone knew. He wasn’t the loving Son, the loving Father, the Loving Husband at that moment in time. And I believe strongly that we don’t have a right to call him names that the media are calling him. What message is that sending to our Children, to our Fathers out there who are also suffering??

They will feel like they can’t seek the help they need because they too will get called horrible names, and be looked down on. So will it help the future Fathers who are suffering and need help? NO they will go into themselves and we will keep on seeing more senseless wasted deaths

Until someone stands up and looks into the WHY.

Until someone opens their eyes and their heart up and researches into what these Fathers are doing in their day to day lifestyle that is affecting them so much.

Their Brain Chemicals are changing. And there is a link between food/lifestyle/chemicals/medications. There is a link. And someone needs to find it.

Instead of being bullied and scared about our own health, and our food choices, and our way of living, by the media and by other people ways of living,  People need to open their eyes and see what affects are around them.

Okay I don’t know the Father personally.

But I Do Know This:

But I do know him. He was a kind son who grew up on a Farm with his other siblings. He was a Man with lots of dreams and ideas. He was hard working, loved his wife and loved his Family. He would do anything to look after his sons and he doted on them. He wanted a perfect world and set out to have that for himself and for his adored wife.

How can I say all that?

Because he could be you {it could be you reading this that needs the help to heal}, he could be your husband, your son, your children’s Father, your Friend, Your Cousin.

Because as a Wife and a Mum that is what every women looks for in their future Husband/Father.

Because as a Mum that is what you say about your own sons.

But he was not himself that day. He didn’t protect those two sweet boys, and he didn’t think of his precious wife. He didn’t act himself. And that there was my whole point on my facebook status.

Stop the hatred towards our men.

Stop the hatred towards these senseless acts and start looking at why.

Someone said that there might not be a why. But that makes this whole situation even more senseless. There is a Why. There is a reason. There has to be.

There is something that is happening to our world that is changing our Loving, Devoted, Caring, Sweet, Kind Men into something that no-one saw coming.

I know in my heart that with love the world can be changed. I am not on my “Soap Box” – I am sharing what I believe from within.

And I think that has scared some of you on our facebook page and that is why that attacks started to come in.

Attacking my words wont change what I think, and wont change my heart. I believe that our Families are important no matter where you live, no matter who you are. I believe that everyone has good inside of them, but sometimes the chemical reaction in our Brains take over.

But our Families are suffering, and are affected by such senseless waste of life – how many more have to die before they figure it out?

How many more sweet Mamas hearts are broken and will never mend the right way before they look into the links between food/lifestyle/chemicals/Medication?

How many more deaths will be swept under the carpet and said it was because they had those thoughts all of the time, but had hidden them? That they were evil men, who murdered because it was within them.

Those two sweet little boys can’t come back, I so wish they could. I so wished that day he took his own life and left his boys with their sweet loving Mama. But he didn’t. He took their life.

Lets not let this happen again.

Lets not sit back and call him a Murderer. Lets not sit back and turn this into another Name/Number/Date and forgotten about.

Lets turn this around and look out for one another. Be present. Be there. Be caring. Be loving. Be an ear to hear those that are suffering.

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, and to say we don’t then you are in denial. We all parent differently, we all show our emotions differently, yet we are all the same.

We all want the same thing – we want to live our lives happily with love and those around us that matter the most.

So yes I took the post down. I don’t regret saying what I said.

Truly Believe :

 I truly believe in my heart that the Father was good. He was kind, he was loving, he was gentle, he was their world and they was his world. BUT that moment when he drove off the Wharf – that wasn’t the true him.

I believe that with love in our hearts we can help our Fathers know they are important, and that they need to stay here on the earth with their families. That ending it in death will not help those around them.

That taking their children’s life is not the answer.

That they can say “Okay, I am not coping, please help me” without the guilt and judgement.

Until our world looks at the why, and teaches our Men that they don’t have to be the “Strong, Macho Man” all of the time, until our world looks at what we toxic food we are putting into our bodies, until the world looks at the nasty chemicals in our washing powder, soap, shampoo, cleaning products and so much more that we are exposed to on a daily basis –

Until then we will see another senseless waste of our precious Fathers, our precious Children and our precious families ripped apart to never be the same again.

My thoughts are still the same as when I posted it up on Facebook.

But I took it down to respect others thoughts/feelings/and for the two Sweet little Boys who were taken far too soon. May they be sleeping together forever sweet little boys.

May we never forget them, and may something good come from this waste of life.

My Heart is with the Mama – she is left to deal with it all. And she will never be the same again. May you know in your heart that your Husband loved you, your sweet little boys love you so very much, and that you will always carry them within your heart. May you know that the man who drove the family car off the Wharf with your boys – that was not the man you knew.

In time she may heal, but she will never be the same again.

In time she may laugh, she may smile again,

but it will be with only half a smile, half a laugh

because she will never be whole again.

RIP little sweet Koda and Hunter.

So very sorry that this ever happened.

Not sorry that I shared my thoughts on facebook.

Didn’t do it for a hate debate, did it out of love. And still believe every word I wrote – Love our men, love our families, love helps not hate.

Love helps heal


With Love Anything Is Possible.


New Life on the Road.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Took A Facebook Status Down

  • January 8, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    Wow, that’s quite a post & yes I’m very much in agreement with what you express- yes people should be aware that the Pharmacutical industry is an evil organization & dont have your health at heart & are only is interest in making money ) the grassroots is waking up & we are becoming aware that we are more than this body. THE INVISIBLE SUPPORTS THE VISIBLE – A Wonderful Future is just ahead.
    Lisa, I don’t seem to get you’r post on my FB page.

  • January 13, 2016 at 2:00 am

    well written I to have suffered all my life with a mental illness and have in the past had severe Post Natal Depression in which i seeked helped. i suffer with PTSD and some days I fall in a heap but i rise again cause i have a wonderful support team a wonderful partner and beautiful children and a adorable grandson. this world is a toxic world filled with so many negative people with negative judgment on others they have never known. Keep up with the posts i love them all I may not click like all the time but I am following your posts. I would love for you to post one of the food charts that you mention I would love to change my eating habits and become more natural. Thanks Kindest regards Jac


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