Wollongong Harbour

The other day I accidentally went down the wrong street….or maybe I was meant to go down that street?  Anyway I ended up looking to my left and pulling over suddenly to take this ::

Wollongong Harbour!

Wollongong Harbour Sea Drive

Wollongong Lighthouse

 Incredible That This Was Here The Whole Time ~

Wonder what other places we have missed?

We have been in Wollongong since February of this year yet I never even realised that there was a Beach Swimming Pool at Wollongong Harbour! All because we went down one street different to what we normally do….how many other people live near a spot they have never discovered before?

Wollongong Beach

Beach Waves Were High



Wollongong Harbour – Looking forward to Summer Time.

This Place Is So Going To Be Good ~

In Summer time. It was freezing when I took this Photo.

And was so overcast!

Cold Winter Day

So Cold Here Yesterday

We didnt stay long – actually I was the only one game enough to get out of the warm car to take these photos – both Cameron and Kyle were not keen on getting cold!

And I can’t wait for it to be warm enough so that I can go back and see what is actually down near the Beach/Pool area.

The Locals ::

We have been talking to the Locals that have lived in Wollongong since they were born. And most of them have not even seen half the places we have seen, nor have they even heard of them.

We would be the same if we didn’t live in our Motorhome – we wouldn’t know whats in front of us unless our New Life on the Road never became our new way of living!

With our slow way of travelling we are making sure we see more of each location…..that way we can say that we have seen Australia in depth! Mind you if we were given 10 lifetimes we still would not see all of Australia – its not possible because there are too many “Accidentally Roads to drive down

There will be many more discoveries in and around Wollongong as well as destinations in New South Wales– until then do you have a place that you discovered by accident?

Wollongong Harbourwhat a pleasant surprise.

Edited Photo

Wollongong Harbour – with an edited photo!

Decided to Play with Photo Editing ~

Adding Colour to the very Grey Day!!

Thanking you for following our Journey.



New Life on the Road.


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