Your Bucket List

If I was to ask you the question “If Money Was No Object, and You Could Ask For Anything, What Would it be”? Let go of the fears, let go of the money, let go of anything…..if you were to think Big and Dream Big what would you add to Your Bucket List?

Your Bucket List Created

Your Bucket ListThis is going to be a totally different blog post….one that I have never ever done before! I want you guys to write it… this is not going to be me telling you what our bucket list is about but rather we want to know what you could add to Your Bucket List!

For this blog post to work its a FREE competition…where you all get to dream big.

You get to write what you want, you get to create your new life!

Think out side the square, and create a life that is totally different from what you are living right this minute in time.

Think like you are already living what you are dreaming about.

Ask and Your Wish Will Come TrueThink about it – if a magical genie arrived at your front door, knocked on the door and granted you any wish that you could ask – what would your wish be?

What would you like Your Bucket List to be?

This blog post idea came from another great family on the road – please check out “Road To Nowhere” facebook fanpage and say thanks for this idea.

I had asked on facebook this morning what I could do for another Free Competition.

Our first competition was so much fun…it was how our bus was named! This morning we were asking YOU what you would like for a Free Competition. From the answers that were provided we have come up with this idea…..

Here is the question “If You Were Able To Create A Magical Life – What Would Your Answer Be – What Would You Like To Add To Your Bucket List?”

Road To Nowhere gave me there insight to their magical genie wish with their own BIG DREAM…..

“I’d like to win a caravan please and a brand new 4wd to tow it”

Are You Willing To Dream?

Your Bucket ListHow many will answer this free competition?

Write your answer below, or if you want write your own blog post called “Your Bucket List” and leave a link below here letting me know that you are in the Free Competition…the prize will be watching how many of your lives do change !!! 🙂

There is also going to be a mystery prize…but I cant reveal what they will be or it wont be a mystery!

The prize will go to the person who gives the most out of the box answer – the one that dreams the biggest and writes what the would love their life to be really like!



PS – On A Side Note New Life on the Road Would Like To Say A Big Thankyou To Our Readers!

Did you know that we had over 10,000 People Stop Here Last Month To Read Our Blog!!!

That Broke our record from the month before – where we had 9,506 people stop here to read about our Travelling Family!!

A Huge Thank You ALL 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Your Bucket List

  • September 5, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    I dream of hosting an inspirational weekend on a huge scale. Full of inspirational speakers who speak of living your passions and dreams without fear and with enthusiasm. I would like Jamie Oliver to give his energy and his cooking skills to the weekend and I would like Adele to sing at the event. I would like to find some unknown inspirational speakers and some know. The purpose: For young people to learn that they can be the change, that they can create an amazing life for themselves and for others, that life does not have to be dull and boring. To help young people awaken from a society that is asleep.
    Kama recently posted..Life is Unpredictable Anyway

    • September 5, 2011 at 8:59 pm

      Hello Kama,

      Thank you for sharing Your Bucket List and for dreaming BIG 😉 That is one brilliant idea…when you have that event organised, can I get the first ticket!!!

      Thank you heaps for sharing your wish list, and how you would like to help the young people to wake up and start living.


  • September 6, 2011 at 2:56 am

    I have an absolutely HUGE bucket list, but some of the things I am looking forward to in the near future are: getting a henna tattoo in morocco, bathing in a Turkish hamam and learning to shuck oysters!
    Annette | Bucket List Journey recently posted..An Attempt at a Green Thumb | AKA: Growing Shrooms

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  • September 7, 2011 at 10:05 am

    My bucket list is pretty big. I really would like to be able to buy up land in Borneo and have enough money to hire protection for the orangutans as they are so close to being extinct. I also want to make life easier for the animals who are tortured everyday for human pleasure such as the sun bears kept in small cages so they can have their bile extracted. On a personal scale I want to have a lot of passive income so I am free of debt and can give my children lots of great experiences in life. I also would like a beautiful big boat to cruise the coast of Australia and the Carribean and anywhere else which takes our fancy. My main aim on my list is always to stay healthy and happy and have plenty of love around us.
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..Sugar Flowers Made From Sugarpaste

    • September 8, 2011 at 6:41 pm

      Hello Jackie,

      Love to hear what your Bucket List is 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing from the heart what you would like in your life or from your life 🙂

      You sure have some wonderful Bucket List items to achieve in your life. So looking forward to seeing you reach your goals and sharing your experiences as you reach them.


  • September 9, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    Hi Lisa,

    wow, that genie would be very busy I guess 🙂

    Like for Jackie my bucket list is pretty big. But I guess one of the major items on there is to exchange my knowledge and my love for learning for a nice passive income, so I can go and travel the world. Preferably with a combination of my own sail boat and a bit of air travel to see all my friends around the world 🙂
    I know that is not very “out of the box” but I am sure it would be great 🙂
    Renee @ weekendgetawayideas recently posted..Spa Weekends

  • September 10, 2011 at 6:39 am

    right then this will sound crazy but this is what i would do if nothing got in my way, i live in london and what i would like to do is buy a row of houses maybe the whole street then i would take out all the floors of each house then brick up all the front doors and have an entrance at the end house so it would be a row of houses that are empty shells, then i would have in the first house just the reception room so you have this one big room and when you look up you have a very high ceiling then in the second house i would have a nice big bar then youwalk into the third house and the whole house would be a swiming pool then in the forth i would have a karaoke bar in the next one have a gaming room then the next one i would have a cinima then in the next one i would have a tropical paradise then the next one a gym in the next one a longe in the next one all full of computers with big screens so i could just walk in an see every thing that was going on like toutube facebook sky news and so on then the best house would be a fully equiped kitchen and in the last house it would be the sleeping house but with one diferance the bed would be at the top of the house and i would have a glass roof so at night i could see the stars and thats my bucket list

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