5 Things to Pack for a Trip to Morocco

Morocco, located in northern Africa, is a diverse destination known for its sweeping landscapes, winding alleyways and colourful souqs. Despite its beauty, many foreign travellers steer clear of the region because of their fear of the unknown. However travelling in Morocco is no more dangerous than other destinations in the world, but if you are still concerned, perhaps consider cultural Moroccan tours and travel with a company such as Gypsian Boutique Tours. Once you’ve decided to go, there are five important things that you cannot forget to pack.

Lightweight Clothes

Depending on the month you are planning to travel in, Morocco can be a hot and humid destination for foreign travellers who are not used to soaring temperatures. Be sure to pack lightweight clothes that can be worn separately in the heat and then layered for warmth if the temperature drops at night.

A Scarf

For women especially, packing a pashmina style scarf is essential when travelling to Morocco and you will find it is useful in a number of situations. Morocco is a Muslim country and modesty is both respected and expected, so you need to dress appropriately, especially when visiting ancient sites alongside locals. Wrap a scarf around your shoulders, over your head as a cover-up or use it as a sarong to cover your legs in public places. A scarf is perfect because it is lightweight and stylish, but also sensible to have on hand when exploring.


From sweeping landscapes and stunning mountains to colourful buildings and patterned sidewalks, Morocco is a spectacular place to capture some great travel photographs. Make sure you know how to use the device you are taking and learn some basic rules of photography, such as composition and lighting, before you leave. If you do, your images will really benefit from it and you’ll have a great series of personal keepsakes to remember your trip with.

Toilet Paper

If you’ve done your research, you’ll find that it is recommended that you take a supply of toilet paper with you to Morocco in case there is none available when you visit a public bathroom. It is quite common for this to occur, so be prepared and have a supply of toilet paper or tissues on you at all times when out and about. It seems silly now, but rest assured when the time comes, you will be so grateful that you had some in your bag.

Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are a priority when packing for any holiday, and Morocco is no exception. Invest in a pair of good quality enclosed shoes that will keep your feet comfortable and secure while you explore the vibrant souks, wander through the medina and experience the city like a local. Sidewalks can be uneven and you will encounter stairs, so comfortable walking shoes are essential.

Whether you are travelling to the city of Fes or Marrakesh or a small town outside of the major cities, it is important to consider what you pack so that you are dressed appropriately and have the necessities on hand.

If you’ve been to Morocco, what was the best thing that you packed?

What Is A Favorite Thing To Pack When You Travel?

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