6 Things You Need for a Weekend Camping Trip

If you’re off on a camping adventure, the equipment you require will depend on where you are going, the type of activities you want to do, the season of the year and the length of your camping stay. For a weekend camping trip, here are six of the most useful and important things to take with you.

First Aid Kit

Naturally you are hopeful that no injuries will be sustained and no illness experienced, but a well-equipped first aid kit is a must on any camping trip. Make sure your kit contains bandages, band aids, antihistamine medication, paracetamol or other pain-relieving medication, a thermometer (housed in a hard case) and anti-nausea and diarrhoea relieving medication.

Recreational Equipment

When you’re out in the elements, you’re deprived of your usual forms of entertainment, so it’s important to pack a few recreational items. From frisbees and soccer balls to fishing equipment and a pack of cards, try and ensure you have a few items that will help you pass the time pleasantly. For the fishing enthusiast, many camping retailers such as MOTackle also sell fishing equipment, including Daiwa reels – click here for more information.

Hiking Boots

If part of the reason you’re camping is to get out of the city or your usual surrounds, enjoy the natural environment of your camping destination and explore the area on foot. Be sure to take your hiking boots to protect your feet and travel various terrains. Don’t expect your standard shoes or sneakers to do the job well – pack the hiking boots and enjoy the ride.


Even if forecast to be warm, sunny and dry, the weather may let you down. A bit of rain need not hamper your enjoyment while camping if you take appropriate rainwear (tops and bottoms) to keep you dry. The great thing about rainwear that is ideal for camping is that it need not consume a lot of room in your pack or bag and, if the heavens do open, you’ll be so glad to have this protection with you.

Marlbourough Caltex

The Back of Marlborough Caltex Petrol Station


Take spare batteries for devices such as small electronics and cameras. Being prepared makes all the difference to a great weekend camping trip, so pop some spare batteries in with your gear. If your torch, alarm clock or some other device gives up on you over the weekend, you need not be inconvenienced if spare batteries are handy.

Sunscreen and Insect Repellant

Protect yourself from the sun (even in winter) by taking and applying sunscreen. Even in cold weather, the sun’s harmful UV rays can still damage your skin, so it’s important to protect your skin year-round. This is especially important while camping, as you’re likely to spend significantly more time outdoors than you generally would. Similarly, insect repellant is a must if insect bites and stings are to be avoided and enjoyment of your camping trip maximised.

What other items do you always pack when you go camping?

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*The 6 Things You Need for a Weekend Camping Trip” was written for New Life on the Road

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