A Day Not Going To Plan

Today I had one of those days…have you ever had one of them? Where it was A Day Not Going To Plan ~ I tried to get things done online, yet it seems like the universe had other ideas!

A Day Not GOING to Plan ::

The washing machine was set on timer over night, but the water was not connected….

So I had to get up during the night and turn it off because it was beeping too loudly (didn’t want to wake anyone up)

Then I forgot to turn it on this morning when I woke up so by the time I did I had to wait for it to be finished before we could leave the house.

At the library the Internet Was slower than ever before….so slow that I couldn’t open up messages on our facebook page – NOT happy.

Got home to discover that Kyle had left his Samsung Tablet at the library…was trying to cook dinner so I had to get Zachery to take over and race back to the library. Lucky for him they had it hidden behind the counter!

Tonight we had an early dinner…yet I was still thinking about the Sponsored Guest Blog post that I was meant to set live today….the one I have lost in my gmail emails – I have looked twice and I can’t find it. Damn. Double Damn because I am not sure how to contact the writer to let them know that I was happy to host their great posts but have no idea where it is….so if you are a writer and you are reading this, please re-send it on through!!

After calming down Kyle ~ he has come down with a headache and is crying because I needed to go out…the only way for him to get over a headache is to sleep it off ~ I headed out the door.

Now I have no idea what to share here tonight ~

So instead I am drooling over this ::

Trying to boost my Self UP!!

Dance Like No One Is Watching…..

I Love this saying ~ and I am drooling over this Picture…

Oh if only I had the wall space to hang it up!!!

Love the Life You Live

Love the Life You Live

Love this one ~

Was thinking about getting something like this so that David and I sorta have a Bedroom?

So I am behind in Blogs….and have a lot to catch up!!! Sure hope our internet re-sets tomorrow morning, and not tomorrow night? I so hope tomorrow is not like today… A Day Not Going To Plan

Sure hope I can work out how to add more value to you our readers 🙂

Thanking you for following our Journey.

How Was Your Day?

Please tell me it was better than mine!!



New Life on the Road

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2 thoughts on “A Day Not Going To Plan

  • April 12, 2013 at 9:48 am

    Hi Lisa, well your day might not have been going so well, but you made mine! I am so excited to have found your blog. My family has dreams of hitting the road and there are so many logistical things to think about like schooling and washing machines and finding internet connections. You are literally blazing the trail and I am so looking forward to hitching a ride. So thanks. Even when it’s a pain in the bum – especially when it’s a pain in the bum – know that you’re valued and appreciated. x
    Jo (down to eath mother) recently posted..10 things you didn’t know you could compost

    • April 12, 2013 at 5:17 pm

      Hi Jo,

      Thanks – you made my day!! Even if my day didnt go to plan, your comment made it all worthwhile 🙂



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