All You Need For The Perfect Caravan Getaway

The best thing about a caravan holiday is that you really don’t need anything else to have a good time. You are literally dragging your accommodation, food and clothing along with you. The only other thing that is required is for you to head in a direction of your choice and stop when you feel like it. Whether you are a grey nomad on a retirement adventure or a young couple who wants to explore parts of the country not found in the guide books, a caravan trip is the ideal way to make your own memories.

Of course there are always a few additions and precautions to take in order to turn your great holiday into the perfect caravan getaway. Here are a few handy things to consider before you and your van hit the highway.

Add To The Kitchen

Most vans come equipped with a fully operational kitchen – stove top, small oven and a microwave. But that isn’t always enough for your needs. Nor does it allow you to enjoy the great outdoors when you cook. Consider taking a portable barbecue that can fold up and fit easily in the van or your car while travelling. You can purchase portable grills such as Ziegler & Brown from a range of retailers like Barbeques Galore – they come in all sizes and are perfect for travel.

Plan, At Least A Little

The thrill and great advantage of a caravan holiday is that you aren’t constricted by timetables or the agendas set by travel agencies. But that doesn’t mean you should set off blindly, following nothing but your nose and a sixth sense, hoping you’ll end up somewhere safe and even remotely interesting. Put together a small travel guide listing the attractions and facilities you will find along your projected route. You don’t have to stick to it. It should be flexible enough to accommodate spur-of-the minute changes of plans and directions.

Older car and caravan


Gorgeous old Car with a Caravan ~

Driving through Berry NSW.

Know Your Caravan Parks

Do some research into the caravan parks in the areas you plan to visit. Look for parks that allow pets. This helps if you are taking pets with you or if you just want to avoid other campers with pets! Know the minimum and maximum stay periods. Knowing in advance the best places to stop will reduce the risks of having to camp by the side of the road or other restricted, possibly illegal areas.

A Vehicle Health Check

Before heading off, make sure you have both your vehicle and caravan checked for faults. Have the vehicle serviced and check the brakes and wheels on the caravan. Also have some experts run their eyes over the tow equipment and electrics to ensure everything is in top working order. There is nothing worse than being stuck on the Nullarbor Plain with a caravan that has broken loose from the vehicle. While you are at it, check the caravan’s gas lines to the kitchen and bathroom facilities (if applicable). You don’t want to blow up, either.

Caravanning is at once both relaxing and exhilarating – but it can just as easily be frustrating when things go wrong. Take a few precautions, try at least to have a vague idea of where you are going and all that will be left for you to do is have fun.

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What Tips Do You Have For The Perfect Caravan Getaway?

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