Artspace Mackay :: Birdwatching At The Gallery

Last Thursday I drove around looking for the Artspace Mackay Gallery Building. Not sure why but I thought it was located at the Mackay Bluewater Quay area. Only to discover a Map of Mackay – the gallery is near the Library! After having fun at the Bluewater Quay we jumped back into our car and drove to the Library Carpark.

Artspace Mackay Gallery

The Gallery is located near the Mackay Council Building. Walking up to the building I thought it was only a Cafe – yet the entrance is on the other side. Once we walked through the doors it was like a children’s magical indoor playground (with art craft tables!) There was two rooms – two different displays. One was Birdwatching At the Gallery, the other room had “Artspace Exhibits War Artists Journey Through Afghanistan” (will share more about that display later!)

Birdwatching Display

Artspace Mackay Gallery :: Displays for kids!

Our Boys Make Themself At Home

Once our boys saw the tables/chairs/paper/scissors/string/pencils that was it! They headed straight over to the Craft area. The Birdwatching display had 100 Different Birds to look at. There was a cardboard binoculars activity for the kids to make, where they could then use them to look at each different bird. Kyle being Kyle made his binoculars to small and then decided to make a bigger pair – the thin pair meant that he could see four of every thing – the bigger pair meant he could actually look through them!

art n craft tables

Kids Art n Craft Corner

Art n Craft tables ~

sorry I didnt realise my camera was not able to focus because we were inside!

cutting up the cardboard

So busy making Binoculars

Kyle Making his second pair of Binoculars!

art n craft

Love The Look of concentration!

Cameron decided to find his favorite bird – the Lorikeet. He studied it behind the glass and then set out to draw the bird. He wasnt happy with the end result but I was happy that he gave it a go. I was allowed to take the photo of the bird, but he thought he could do better next time. Not sure where he gets his perfectionist from? 🙂

Artspace Gallery Craft activity

Camerons Favorite Bird

Lorikeet On Display~

Cameron’s favorite Bird!

Mackay gallery

Cameron’s Drawing

Cameron’s Impression ~

He wasnt happy with his drawing but I liked!

Looking Around The Room

Our boys took in the panels on the wall – they realised that the local cane fields and the beaches were used to make feature art displays. They still couldn’t believe that there were 100 birds on display – so we had to stand there with Kyle and count every single one of them! Even though he missed a few numbers (we had to go back and re-count 15/16 because he always forgets 15!!) he did well to get to the end.

Birdwatching Display

We Counted Every One!

What fascinated me was how each bird was hand-made, and then painted to look like a real bird. I never realised that we had so many species in Australia, never realised we had so many species in Queensland!

100 Birds on Display

Bird Display

Once they had enough of the Birdwatching Display we entered the next room – where there were many photos of our Army Men/Women from Afghanistan. That room took our boys attention for some time! I am hoping we can go back sometime this week to show Nicholas and Zachery (not sure if Zac has the time because his working so much!) because I know that they would be fascinated with the images from such a different country!

Do You Like Birdwatching?

Did You Know there Was 100 Species of Birds in QLD?



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