Back To Life

Yesterday was a dream. It must have been….because I am sure that what happened yesterday is not something that I have ever experienced before! I will have more details as soon as I can get my life back in order.

Back To Life

Many of you know that we love our blog, and we share what we can about our life living in our Motorhome. We like sharing from the heart, connecting with other families/bloggers/travelling people. Along side our blog we enter as many competitions as possible – its something I LOVE to do.

Its in my blood, its my all time favourite online way of putting “The Secret” into practice.

Well on Friday I won a competition that I entered, entering at the very last minute. And to be honest I didn’t think about what the end result would be.

Lets just say that the experience is one that I will never ever forget and one that I am so very grateful for. Once I work out how to get the Pictures/Videos from the new Samsung SG4 onto my computer so that I can share the night in more detail….and once I work out how to put the evening into words that makes sense, it will be revealed here at New Life on the Road.

For the time being I am saying thanking you Telstra, from our family we are saying a Massive Thanking you ….

This Was My Night At The Opera House ::

Smiling at the Opera House

Meeting another Blogger – Michael and Smiling all Night!

Smiling ALL Night Long!

Pinching Myself…cause I still couldn’t believe where I was 🙂

Meeting Michael from Craving Tech (who also won!!) was a bonus. He lives in Melbourne (my all time favourite city) and came in by plane yesterday. He arrived and helped me out so very much with check-in to the hotel (thanks Michael).

And together we laughed (heaps), took lots of photos, and he helped me out with the technology side of the phone (as well as Twitter!!).

So once I come down from cloud nine, and once hubby (David) works out how to upload all of the photos to our computer I will be putting together a review post on the NEW Samsung Galaxy 4.

Coming Back To Life ::

Boys in hats

Kyle and Cameron together with their New Hats!

It was good to come home ~

to family!

But Back To Life is a big difference!!

What Would You Like To Know About The SG4?

Is there any features you would like to know about?

Thanking you for following our Journey.



New Life on the Road

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4 thoughts on “Back To Life

  • April 24, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    Wow, you’re fast! I’m still… recovering from the excitement and lack of sleep, ha! (and I have a couple of review posts that are kind of overdue to finish up, ugh)

    It was really nice meeting you, fun and passionate. Hope you have a lovely day ahead with your families. And don’t hesitate to shout out if you need a hand on the phone 🙂
    Michael Aulia recently posted..Why you need a Pre-Paid Wi-Fi 4G

    • April 27, 2013 at 10:30 am

      Hi Michael,

      I so hear you…I am still over excited, and lacking in sleep!!!

      But it was the best evening, and I wanted to capture it all before I left anything out by mistake 🙂

      It was so good to meet you too, will have to try to catch up in Melbourne when travel through – or with another blogging event!!

      Thanking you for your kind assistance with the phone.


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