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Bellingham Maze :: Get Lost!

Posted by on February 2, 2013

Cameron and I got to spend some quality time together! It was so nice, normally Kyle and I have quality time or we all go out as a family together….not so much one-on-one with the others. Since we did and had lots of fun at Bellingham Maze we are now looking at other attractions where we go together.

Bellingham Maze :: Get Lost

And boy did I ever….Cameron worked out how to get into the Maze and out within next to no time, and was racing ahead – saying “See you soon, Mum”.

But I couldn’t so easily work out how to get out, and yep I ended up Getting Lost every time.

We were almost ready to leave when we realised that there was questioner sheets to fill out – so we grabbed them and headed back in..and realised why there was dwarfs, why there was posts with Letters on them and how much more fun it is to run through the Bellingham Maze looking for clues.

Before we went into the Maze there is tables with puzzles – where we stayed for some time! They are puzzles where skill is needed and where a lot of patience is required. I still couldn’t work out how to separate some of them, and how some of them go back together….I guess its a kid thing.

Bellingham Maze - where we entered through a waterfall!

Bellingham Maze – where we entered through a waterfall!

The waterfall is timed ~

so that you can enter quickly!

Having fun working out how to get to the middle

Having fun working out how to get to the middle

Cameron working out how to follow a pattern to get into the middle!

Cameron having fun!

Having Fun in the Maze

He soon found the way!

Into the middle.

looking for the seven dwarfs was part of the fun

looking for the seven dwarfs was part of the fun

There was six dwarfs ~

one is missing…that’s part of the fun, trying to work out which one!

Cameron found his way to the middle!

Cameron found his way to the middle!


Because we were staying at Dave’s Bosses place (which is just around the corner) and we were able to walk to the maze, it made for a great day out. And it was cheaper only taking one child!

I would love to go back again with Kyle, maybe next time when we are back on the Sunshine Coast -mind you I don;t think that will be for sometime!

Our Photos of the Day together in a short video ::

YouTube Preview Image

Have You Been to the Bellingham Maze?

What Did You Think of The Kids Activities?

Location ::

274 Tanawha Tourist Dr  Tanawha QLD 4556

Phone ::

(07) 5445 2979


Thanking you for following our Journey.



New Life on the Road.

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One Response to Bellingham Maze :: Get Lost!

  1. budget jan

    Love the waterfall. How nice would it be on a hot day – like today. Mazes are so good for children – they have so much fun.
    budget jan recently posted..Fantastic Friday in Milford Sound

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