Bli Bli Castle

For many years we used to drive past the Bli Bli Castle on the Sunshine Coast and never stop in. For many years we promised our boys that we would take them to the Bli Bli Castle but never did. It was kinda of one of those things where we didnt have enough time, enough money, or never took the opportunity to visit a tourist place because we always took it for granted that we were close enough to visit whenever we wanted. That one day became yesterday.

Bli Bli Castle

Sunshine Coast Bli Bli Castle

The Front of the Castle

We decided yesterday to fill that promise and take all four of our boys to the castle – gosh I wished our older son was with us…… but at least he is having fun where he is! I was a bit worried about going. Only for one reason- actually it might have been two reasons. The first reason being that you have such a huge build up when going to a place that you have always wanted to look at. The other reason being, I was not sure if our boys would like to see the ins and outs of the Bli Bli Castle! Both reasons were not an issue 🙂

The Entrance of Bli Bli Castle

Entrance of the Castle

When you enter Bli Bli Castle you will see so much! There is a shop, a cafe, the front counter, information boards, toy corner, photos, swords…and more. At first we were not sure what to look at first! After we spoke to the guy behind the counter (not sure if he was the owner or the guy who works there?) we were directed to the beginning of our tour of the castle. Once you walk through the entrance there was a dress up box, which our two younger boys were so eager to get into!

Bli Bli Castle

Dress Up Box – our boys decided to become a King and the Joker

Bil Bli Castle

The New King of the Bli Bli Castle !!


The new joker of Bli Bli Castle!

Sunshine Bli Bli Castle

A Wall of Swords

Bli Bli Castle

The Court yard

Keeping Kids Still

Finally! I have finally worked out how to keep my kids still for longer then five minutes 🙂

Bli Bli Castle

Information about the Draw Bridge in Castles

Climbing to the top of the castle

Daddy and the Boys climbed to the top of the castle – I was happy to take photos!

Bli Bli Castle

I think our boys liked going to the toilets so much because of this!!

Bli Bli Goal

Down in the Dunegon – gosh was it cold and smelly down there!

Bli Bli Castle

Mum and Kyle – at the front of the castle!

History of the Bli Bli Castle – “In 1972 work was commenced to build a Norman/Medieval style Castle. The first stage (today’s fairytale displays / reception Hall) was completed and opened in March 1973. Two years later the Great Hall and Moat was completed with it’s display of medieval armour. The armour came from England, Germany, Spain and Italy.

 In 1978, the Great Tower building was erected in stages in conjunction with an expansion of the souvenir shop, and Tudor façade on the shop front. The 3rd of May 1980, the new Tower Building was opened to the public” * information courtesy of the Bli Bli Castle.

There is a lot more history….and many different owners over the period of time. If you would like to read more about Bli Bli Castle History go here.

Location – located in central Bli Bli, 1.5 hours from Brisbane and only 10 minutes from Maroochydore.

Travelling Times – Approx travel times to get to the Castle

  • From Brisbane – 1.5 hours
  • From Maroochydore – 10 minutes
  • From Noosa – 30 minutes
  • From Caloundra – 30 minutes
  • From Coolum – 20 minutes
  • From Mooloolaba – 15 minutes

Attractions –

  • Caslte Courtyard

  • ReceptionnHall

  • Great Hall

  • Dundegon
  • Batlletment Lookout

  • 24 m Lookout Tower

  • Daily Treasure Hunts for Children

  • Dancing Dolls, Miniature City, Toy and Doll Museum, Fairytale Diaramas, Model Train Railway.

  • Lord of the Rings display, International bow and arrows display, Siege of a Castle Display, James Cooks Travels Display and a unique master carved Nativity Scene

  • New Castles of the world display in the Castle Gallery
  • Castle Cafe – now fully licensed – serving food and drinks from 9:30am – 4:30pm daily.
    (No admission to visit the Cafe or Gift/Toy shop)

  • Gift Shop

Opening Hours – open daily from 9.30am – 4.30pm (The Castle is closed on Christmas Day)

No admission charge applies to: Cafe, Toy Store or Reenactment Training

Family Pass – for our family it was 2 adults 4 children – $57.00. Tickets prices are on the Bli Bli Castle Website.

Parking – There is a car park inside the castle.

Functions – Caters for Birthday Parties and Weddings

Pram Facilities – The entrance and the main hall has access facilities for Prams but after that there is lots of stairs so you will need to walk.

Hi-lights for our family – The best par of the Bli Bli Castle was watching our boys explore each tower, climb the many stairs, look at each room, find the answers to the puzzle, explore the different displays, and dress up!

The Entrance of Bli Bli Castle

Bli Bli Castle – The Entrance and Car Park

Have You Been To The Bli Bli Castle on the Sunshine Coast?




This blog post was written by New Life on the Road. All thoughts and opinions are our own. We were not paid to write about Bli Bli Castle.



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6 thoughts on “Bli Bli Castle

  • November 1, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    LOL!! Loving that toilet photo. That is too funny, Lisa. What a fabulous place. I think Ella would have a ball there – especially with the dress up box! Might have to note this one down for next time we’re at that end of the country. x
    Kellie recently posted..My Tasmanian Backyard: Launceston Aquatic Centre

    • November 1, 2011 at 2:10 pm

      Hi Kellie,

      It was such a great place to visit!! I reckon that Ella would love the dress up box..there was so much for girls to choose…she would make the best Princess 🙂

      If you are ever up in Queensland then I would highly recommend the Bli Bli Castle.


  • January 21, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    Hey Lisa,
    WE have driven past that castle a trillion times….now you’ve convinced me to try it out for myself

    • January 21, 2012 at 10:37 pm

      Hi Deb,

      Its one of those things – you have something that is near by but dont realise how good it would be until you go there and check it out 🙂

      Our boys loved the idea of the quizz that they had to find!


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