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Camping We Forgot So Much

Posted by on August 19, 2012

We forgot so much when packing for camping! I am putting together a list of what we need as the camping trip goes on. When we get back I will be sharing with you all what we forgot/what we think we need!

Until then Here is one Photo I wanted to share with you all :)

Therese Creek dam

Gorgeous Sunset ~

Last night we got to experience a sunset, early dinner, movie night (where we are staying held a free movie night) and early bed.

Yep I think I am going to like Camping Lifestyle…..but maybe next time we sleep on something a bit thicker than sleeping mats ~ I am too old for the ground :)

Can You Guess What We Forgot?



New Life on the Road

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7 Responses to Camping We Forgot So Much

  1. jan

    Hi Lisa, I was thinking you were tough when I saw those sleeping mats! Glad you enjoyed it. Nice Sunset.
    jan recently posted..Fantastic Friday

    • Lisa

      Hi Jan,

      the first night was really hard! But we were warm, the second night we put the doona undernearth us so we were not on the ground as much, but then we got too cold!!! Yet I am so keen to try it again as I have noticed that my back feels better for it :)


  2. Kelly Martin

    OH I know that one, forgetting things when camping LOL I forgot stove, torch you name it one year when I went camping in the UK. Looks a lovely sunset though, where did you go?

    • Lisa

      Hi Kelly,

      We went to Theresa Dam – just out of Clemont. It was amazing! Such a family friendly place to stay at.

      Yeah I forgot the most important thing of all ~ coffee :)


  3. Vicki @ knocked up and abroad

    It’s ridiculous the amount of stuff you need to take camping and it’s ridiculous how hard your life can become camping if you forget something – so I hope you didn’t leave behind something too major! I’m thinking you might have left behind a torch, or matches, or towels or mozi repellent? :)
    Hope you adjusted to the flat mat!
    Vicki @ knocked up and abroad recently posted..50 Shades of Kinky

    • Lisa

      Hi Vicki,

      we were trying to travel light but its not possible with three boys who eat so much! And its cold so we all needed to have our Doonas with us, plus winter clothes. Even so I forgot so much :)

      Next time I hope to remember the important things! And the second night we coped better on the thin mat. I reckon a week of sleeping on them and I wouldnt even notice how thin they are.


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