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Car Wash Sale

Posted by on November 21, 2013

Kyle came up with the idea and then Cameron jumped on board took over with the idea as well. They decided to have a Car Wash Sale to make money for lollies for the Christmas Party that is being held in the Caravan Park we are staying at.

Lolly bags that Kyle has decided he wants to make for EVERYONE that is going! Again its all his ideas.

Once they make their minds up to do something there is no stopping them…wonder who they got that Gene from?

Car Wash Sale ::

Kyle Sign

Kyle Car Wash Sign

Kyle Made this sign up and put it outside – very clever for an 8 year old. On the First Day they made $35.00 – they were asking for $5.00 per car…..some people payed a bit more and another customer payed $20.00 :)

Kyle and Cameron washing their brothers car

They Started With My Sons Car

They Started With Their Big Brothers Car ~

And did a Great Job :)

Watching them Wash the Cars

The Start of their New Business

Funny How They Started The Business Together ~

And then on Day 2 it was down to one!!

washing the van

The Van That Made Them The Most Money

The Caravan Park Owner Van ~

He thought they did a top job so he gave them $20.00 :)

They then had to work out how to share the money between five of them….perfect way to homeschool.

That night Cameron sat up very late to make a more professional “Car Wash Sale” sign up ::

Kyle and Cameron car wash sale

Cameron Made This Sign

There they sat and waited.

All washing together

So many great helpers

Again they had very generous customers and again they made $35.00 – having to divide some of the money four ways on some of the cars, or five ways on some of the cars. Cameron – being the perfectionist ended up washing a few of the cars by himself because he became too particular and some of the helpers walked off on the Job!!

Their Choices ::

Again it was both boys decision on who washed what and how. I sat back and watched it all go down….Cameron had even drawn up a chart to keep track of whose Cars he was washing and how much money they paid.

It was so cute to see both of them work together for the end result – and yes $30.00 worth of lollies were purchased. Now they need to make up the Lolly Bags for the Xmas Party this weekend…..they have to make up 62 bags of Lollies.

And other people who heard what our boys were doing stopped in to add their own lollies – they had gone out and purchased some to add to the bags. Incredible how generous people are ;)

Would You Let 3 Years Old, 4 Years Old, 8 Year old, 11 Years Old wash your car?

The Car Wash Sale Was A Huge Success.



New Life on the Road.

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3 Responses to Car Wash Sale

  1. stephanie

    Good work boys! Very enterprising!
    stephanie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Elevate Everyday Part 2

  2. Lisa

    So very clever of them :) They loved washing the Cars and they made money to buy more lollies for the Lolly Bags that they put together {see our next blog post where they gave from the heart!!}

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