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Child Safety Tips

Posted by on August 30, 2011

A few days ago I started to ask “What are we going to do while travelling Australia for our boys with Child Safety?”  I have never had to really  think about Child Safety Tips or hints before because we are situated on property and I always thought my boys were safe. The other day sure proved me wrong!

Child Safety Tips Are Needed

As a family that is about to Travel Around Australia I need all the advice and tips that I can get with regards to Child Safety Tips. Here is what happened to bring me to ask for everyone’s advice…….

YouTube Preview Image

What Do You Suggest?Child Safety Tips

What are your experiences with Child Safety Tips? I have not had to worry about this before because usually my boys play within a fence and or I can hear where they are playing. This is the first time that one of my boys were approached by a stranger in a car, and the first one of boys went to the car after the guy told him to! It has really freaked me out – would love to hear what your thoughts are and what you do to keep your children safe while travelling.



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4 Responses to Child Safety Tips

  1. Tara

    your boys are in-tune with themselves and aware that I think they will know the difference – he trusted his own instincts, nothing bad happened. I think it’s a great idea to in-still knowledge into our kids but not based on fear…. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you are confident in yourself and your abilities to ‘create your own reality’ then you can ‘trust’ that bad things will never happen to you… It’s a different way of looking at things, this is my discovery with my journey so far :-) Although i can understand your fear – we all feel it, but we all should reason ‘why’ we really feel the fear (past beliefs, etc) and learn a new level of trust with our children – since we influence them the most <3
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    • Lisa

      Thanks Tara – I know what you are saying, but I am still after Child Safety Tips so that I know we can travel with our boys kept safe wherever we are and no matter what we are doing :)


  2. Cade | Murray River Guide

    Hi Lisa,
    Although I haven’t been in that situation myself (yet), I can totally understand that it really shocked you, and that you wanted to protect your kids… its only natural.

    I think what you did by gently explaining the consequences is the right thing to do, to make him aware. Although your youngster may have not understood at the time, I’m sure it will sink in if your reinforce/remind your kids over time.


    • Lisa

      Hello Cade,

      Its a fine line between trying to protect them and not taking away their gorgeous innocence. I never have had to think about Child Safety Tips before as we have always had fences around where we live. From now on it will be talks about talking to people that we know, and to stay closer to our Motorhome! Our children are beautiful and so full of trust. My hope is that they stay safe as well as keep their trust.

      Looking forward to following you and Belinda with your gorgeous baby to be.


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