Dear Mr Santa Claus Whats For Christmas

Its almost time for Christmas, and I have only just started to think about organising family presents. Not even thought about xmas cards, decorating or food (yet!) but I guess that I will have to because its about four weeks to Christmas.

Gee where did the year go…not sure what your thoughts are but this year has seem to have gone by far too fast. Time to think about writing a Letter to Dear Mr Santa Claus asking Whats For Christmas.

This year I want to be about Christmas to be about giving!

 Dear Mr Santa Claus Whats For Christmas?

whats for christmas

Christmas 2010 – Our Gorgeous Tree and Decorations…all in our Shipping Container!

I was wondering when my kids decided that Christmas was all about Gifts? When did they discover that Christmas was about asking Santa for the biggest toys, the most toys and the ones that were really BIG?

Maybe they have always been that way, but we didnt notice because we had a huge house to spread out in, and they got away with asking for the biggest toys in the shop. But this year is different.

This year I want to teach our boys about the real meaning of Christmas, and the real meaning of what it is all about!

What Is The Meaning Of Christmas

Whats for Christmas

Christmas Angel on our Tree – 2010

We are not a religious family (not that we are against it, just that we believe in spiritual things!) so I decided to do a bit of research about “The Meaning Of Christmas” and I was surprised with what I found out.

What Christmas Is Meant To Be…

Christmas or Christmas Day is in fact a day that falls on December 25th – its a christian holiday that is meant to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ.

The orginial day was meant to be in January 6, and with some religion they still have that day set aside for celebration. It is thought that the day is meant to fall in the 9 months of the celebration of  the conception of Jesus.

But is that what we now think of Christmas Day?

Within the same article that I found on Wikipedia I read these words

“Because gift-giving and many other aspects of the Christmas festival involve heightened economic activity among both Christians and non-Christians, the holiday has become a significant event and a key sales period for retailers and businesses”

Now that is what I have been thinking!

What is Christmas All About

The Joy Of Christmas – What is it all about?

How can an article about the meaning of Christmas have information about the retail world? What about giving..where has that gone?

Christmas is so over rated. Even the shops start to put in their displays earlier every year. Am I getting too old, or is it because our lifestyle has changed?

Dear Mr Santa Claus

Christmas Decorations – All In storage!!

The idea behind Christmas needs to come back in – where we spend quality time with each other, and where we show we all care about one another. This year I want my boys to realise how lucky they are – they have the best of the best already.

hey dont need more “Stuff” to fill up the Motorhome, and take away from the day. Yet they have already started to ask for toys…toys I know that within 2 minutes they will put down.

Nearly every year they play with the boxes that are given – not the actually toys….so maybe this year we should wrap up big boxes? That way they could create their own cubby houses?

The Idea of Giving This Year

Dear Mr Santa Claus Whats For Christmas,

Mr Santa Claus for Christmas I would like my boys to be grateful for all that they have, and all that they will receive.

If they receive more time with the family, then could they please say Thank-You.

If they see the joy of caring, could they please say Thank-you.

If they see the family having fun, could they please join in.

If they see that we are helping another family, could they please join in.

If they see that we have brought them all one gift, can they please be grateful.

If they see another family going without, can they please be grateful for all that they have.

On Christmas morning could they please wake up with smiles on their faces, laughter throughout the day and a day of caring/sharing!

Because Dear Mr Santa Claus we would like Christmas to be about family.

What Would You Like To Write To Dear Mr Santa Claus to ask Whats For Christmas?




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