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Department of Main Roads Queensland :: How To Register A Motorhome

Posted by on January 8, 2013

Gee where do I start? I did write a blog post about our experience with Department of Main Roads Queensland. I wrote it on Friday night, but did not publish it…..lucky I didn’t cause it was not the best of my writing, and after re-reading it I have deleted that post. Instead I want to share How To Register A Motorhome while in Queensland so that what we experienced does not ever happen again.

What You Need To Do To Register Your Motorhome ::

For the last two and half years we have traveled with Moving Permits, from town to town. Only cause we had so much renovations to complete. David wanted all of the big renovations out of the way before we went to the Department of Transport. That way we knew it would pass. Or so we thought.

While we were in Sarina David was working mainly on the outside work and on the inside cosmetic work, so our engine was a bit neglected. He did what was necessary, and in the process he broke the stop cable. So he replaced it and we made it safely to Bundaberg. Where we proceeded to finish off a few more renovations over the Christmas Break, and he worked more on the engine.

Last Wednesday 2nd January David took our Motorhome to the local Mechanic. It was only around the corner…….where he discovered that the stop cable was not the one for Bedford Buses.

Complete Renovations

Wanted Our Motorhome Painted Before Registration!

The right part was ordered from Brisbane.

The mechanic also wanted the following fixed ::

  • Tighten up front wheel bearings
  • Take care of a few oil leaks
  • Replace the correct stop cable
  • Adjust the warning alarm for the air pressure
  • Fix the blinker switch which was moving around on the steering wheel column (it was loose)

So David took the time over the next few days to carry out the repairs.

Back to the Mechanic on Friday 4th of January – and it passed “Road Worthy”

Straight from the Mechanic to the Main Roads in Bundaberg.

Before that David had to drive (in his parents car) to Bundaberg to RACQ to organise C.T.P Insurance. If we had time up our sleeve we would have rang around for quotes but we didn’t. Its a must to drive a Motrohome on the Road with C.T.P and we always arranged that with our Moving Permits.

At the Department of Main Roads Queensland Transport we thought we had every thing covered, because I had rang them so many times…..each time I asked “We are in the process of getting our Motorhome ready for Registration, what do we need?”

Every time they told me the following ::

Seats approved by an engineer to carry passengers. TICK.

Seat belts attached. TICK.

Modification Plate attached to the front on the inside. TICK.

Gas Certificate – we made sure we had that fully checked and approved for safety reasons. TICK.

C.T.P to allow it to be driven to the Main Roads. TICK.

Certified measure of the Motorhome – length and height had to be measured. We could do this through a Mechanic or through a certified company. Or even at Department of Main Roads.

Road Worthy completed by the Mechanics. TICK

Every Single Time that is all they told me….

There was never ever any mention of a Form that would be checked, and ticked off. The form is not even easy to find on the Main Roads Department of Transport – I had to search for ages before I did find “Motorhome/Caravan Inspection Sheet

Now if you know David he likes to do EVERYTHING by the books – he won’t (does not like) to cut corners. So we double made sure we had all of the requirements for it to be approved for road worthy. We wanted our Motorhome Registered on Friday.

So that we could travel down slowly to the Sunshine Coast – taking the weekend to stop and see places that we have not seen before – I have always wanted to stop in at Harvey Bay but I guess that is still on my “Bucket List”.

David went late to the Bundaberg Main Roads….too late to benefit us!

Everything was good – the paper work was all in order.

The measurements were taken – all was good.

We even had a Smoke Detector and a Fire Extinguisher installed (they are also required)

Like I said David likes to make sure we travel safely.

NOT once on the phone did anyone state that we MUST have a dinning table installed for us to be approved as a Motorhome. David does plan on building a dinning table – one that can be folded down so that two people can eat together or put up so that all of us can eat together…..mind you we always normally eat outside.

If we had been told to have a dinning table bolted down, but easily can be removed for storage while travelling then we would have had one made.

David said to the lady “How can we safely have a dinning table placed near seats – seats that are for where our boys are sitting?” – The lady in the motor registry even had to ask her supervisor over to clarify the rule??

But they were firm – we had to have a dinning table.

It was even suggested that if David had come in earlier he could have go off to Bunnings to purchase one that could be put in. Unfortunately it was closing time.

But I guess the Universe works for a reason….we spent the weekend completing more renovations that we knew needed to be done – fiddly bits! Plus he got time to build this…..

Dining Table that Can be attached/removed

David Built This With Left Over Bench Top

On Monday 7th January (yesterday) we still had so much to do before leaving Bundaberg. Last minute packing – David also had to fix our Car because the head casket had gone (he spent all Sunday night on replacing it!)

Back to the Main Roads in Bundaberg before heading out of town……with the understanding that all they needed to see was the dinning table.

That same FORM got us again… Queensland YOU must have the same amount of Beds in a Motorhome as seat belts. Lucky for us our lounges make up the beds needed and we passed.

How TO Pass Your Motorhome For Registration ::

Here is a LIST of what you need ::

  • Road Worthy Certificate
  • Modification Plate/Seats approved by engineer
  • Gas Certificate
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Smoke Detector
  • Certified Measure – Length and Height
  • Attached Dinning Table – that can easily be removed for travelling
  • Seat Belts
  • Same Seat Belts ratio to Bed Ratios
 David even asked the nice lady on Monday why NO-ONE had told us about the requirements of a Dinning Table – yet we had spoken to main roads so many times over the phone….
She totally got why we did not know – every time you ring up the Department you are actually speaking to someone in Brisbane, and they always forget to tell a person something/anything about the finer details.

Why Share This News?

 Because I never want another Motorhome/Caravan Owner to miss out registration like we did. It caused us to leave Bundaberg late – David was meant to start work on Monday with Suncoast Caravan Repairs – luckily for us Bruce and Jenny are the best ever people to work for  :)

 Department of Main Roads – You So Need To Get The Right Information Out.



New Life on the Road.

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12 Responses to Department of Main Roads Queensland :: How To Register A Motorhome

  1. Trish

    Oh boyo what a drama over a dining table . I can only imagine your frustration and snark.
    So glad you got your roadworthy certificate in the end.
    Safe travels.

    • Lisa

      So glad its now over with – we have our registration and we can travel whenever to wherever we want to go – hope it never happens to another motorhome owner!

  2. Name*Rita

    Hi Lisa,
    We know all about the hassles with the Department of Transport Main Roads when we had out tour bus but, nowhere near what you have been through.
    we didn’t have any problems when we sold our camper nor when we brought our Lovely almost new Caravan.
    Name*Rita recently posted..Caravan Maintenance What You Should Know

    • Lisa

      Hi Rita,

      Never knew about the dining table rule! Crazy – nor about the same amount of beds to seat belts – but I guess we live n learn :)

      Good to hear you didn’t have any problems with your camper or Caravan – feel for you for when you had your tour bus!


  3. Tina

    I love reading about your adventures and the not so good parts! We are currently in the process of converting a 50 seater bus to a motorhome and what a mission trying to get the correct information. I have found it very difficult to find exactly what we need to be compliant!
    One told us we dont need a seatbelt on the drivers seat given the age and tonneage of the bus….another tells us we do….
    One tells us we need seatbelts for forward facing seats only – not side facing, another tells us we do. Very confusing….and we are only beginning…..

    • Lisa

      Hi Tina,

      Its a very confusing process! And each State in Australia has different rules/regulations :)

      We put in seat belts because of safety issues {our piece of mind} as well as we were told to. Yes our Bus is Pre RDI but we still wanted to be safe.

      Even David has a seat belt attached to his Motorhome Seat….its a truck seat that we purchased from eBay.

      Hope you have a great journey, and get it all finished fine :)


  4. Debbie Cann

    hi lisa where did you buy your seats from? We need an extra seat. Cheers Deb

    • Lisa

      Hi Debbie,
      David made our seats that we all sit on, our Lounges/Seats that are facing each other.
      The Drivers seat – we got that from eBay, its a Truck Seat. He had to have extra anchors added to have the seat approved {making it comply with safety issues}
      Hope that helps :)


  5. Keith

    Hi Lisa, Very interesting run around from Qld Transport. Most frustrating government dept to deal Qld

    One thing you didn’t state was where you had your modifications inspected and certified. From my understanding as I had to deal with this matter a couple of years back, there were only two in the whole state. One in Townsville and the other in Toowoomba, if my memory serves me well. The one in Toowoomba was very difficult to deal with.

    Now it would seem that I will have to front up to him again. Ho Hum. Safe travels; I will be following your journeys. Hopefully We will hit the road in 2016. Kind regards, Keith.

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