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Does Travelling Homeschooling And Night Shift Work

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Posted by on April 29, 2012

We are trying so hard to get used to our new lifestyle! David is Working night-shift while we are trying to see the sights of Mackay and still trying to do homeschooling! Does Travelling, Homeschooling and Night shift work hand in hand together?

New Life Style While Trying To Travel

We are only going into week two of Dave doing night-shift, travelling and homeschooling all in one. Then there is housework, cooking meals, trying to blog (which I am still trying to catch up on!)….so far I have snapped once during the week! It was the other day – I was trying to get the washing up to date (which I can’t do while Dave is asleep because the washing machine is in our boot of the bus – under our bed!), make lunches, clean the bus up and think about dinner.

travelling and exploring new areas

Discovered this building the other day ~

In a park ~ its has the most amazing paintings on it!

I didn’t even have time for a wee nor had I been drinking enough water that day. Then it was a matter of rushing around to get everything done (quietly so Dave could sleep), and then think about getting him off to work. Yep I was a bit over it by then so when Dave asked for a hug I burst out with “It would be good to have five minutes to myself! Sure I can give a hug in between sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, and doing homeschooling”

Such A Great Wife Not

As soon as I burst out with it….I was mad at myself. So I did what any good wife would do – I walked off to the toilet block for five minutes of peace and quiet.

So if that happened in the first week of Travelling, Homeschooling and Night Shift Work – what is going to happen next week? Dave has five shifts that are 12 hours and he is only going to work with three or four hours sleep in between…..I am trying to escape from the bus so that he can sleep but he keeps saying that he can sleep while we are here.

On Monday Nicholas starts HighSchool so that should be a little bit quieter in the bus – and then if he does well we will look at the primary school for Kyle and Cameron. I like homeschooling but I cant juggle it all.  Zachery is looking for a part-time job and has an interview with Woolworth’s on Wednesday….so hopeefully Dave can get to bed as soon as he gets home from work, and stay asleep until school is finished. That should give him about 6-7 hours of sleep.

But then we are trying to juggle exploring the Mackay area! I still reckon that 2 weeks working away would be easier on our family – less tension, more living, more travelling and more fun :)

Dave says he is OK with all of us being here, and the lack of sleep but I can see and hear in the way he talks to us that he is tired and cranky! He is trying to get back into the Mining Industry so that he can work away and then come home and dedicate that time to travelling…..but the mining industry is impossible to get into! It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. I keep telling him to find the boss from the mines, take him for a beer at the local pub and he will have the job :)

Our Boys Are NOT Quite Boys

All of our boys are not quite – they are typically loud full on boys. The other day I took them to the park and we had so much fun – I even had a go at the equipment…not sure what you call it, but there was this round thing that looked like a UFO. It turned around and could go faster and faster.

Travelling, homeschooling and night shift work

Kyle Playing at the Local Park ~

This kid gets so dirty…no matter where we are going!

Nicholas and Cameron thought it would be funny to push me on that as fast as possible! It was so funny – the more I tried to hang on, the more I was falling off and trying to say stop!!! Can only imagine what I looked like for the people driving by  – but I had fun. And I laughed – really deep belly laugh….and Kyle joined in. It was so worth it – I am so going to be looking for more of those times. I need laughter in my life right now.

Travelling Homeschooling and night shift work

The Round UFO Ride That Makes You Dizzy ~

I found the photos of Kyle riding it ~

I tried it out….its so much fun :) 

Kinda like that saying “Laughter is better than crying” Well I am holding onto that thought for the week ahead.

Travelling to new places while homeschooling

Funky Toilet Block ~

Love discovering paintings on buildings!

Q:- Does Travelling, Homeschooling, And Night Shift Work go together?

A:- My answer is based on our family experiences. Your family could/will be different!! For the time being I say No. Dave says it works fine…but I can’t see how as I am the one trying to juggle family, homeschooling, dinners, cleaning, washing of clothes, asking our boys to be quiet, and still explore the Mackay area. I guess at the moment I feel like a single Mum – and I feel like it would be easier if Dave was working away!

So hear this Universe – Dave needs a mining job where he can work, and sleep on site. Then return home so we can go for drives, camping, bush walking, rock climbing, fishing, swimming at the beach, exploring and discovering areas we know about and areas we do not know about :)

He Says :- Its fine

She Says:- No – shift working is too hard on the family living !

Ask us next week – we might be more used to it by then.

Have You Tried Travelling, Homeschooling and Shift Work together?



New Life on the Road

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15 Responses to Does Travelling Homeschooling And Night Shift Work

  1. Geoff Weitenberg

    The only thing that benefits from night shift is commerce, the draw of big dollars in any industry is hard to ignore, especially since the initial idea starts with greater perceived freedom for the family. As in anything there are pros and cons, being in a contained area, it’s probably more beneficial to re asses the situation with all family members involved, are big bucks important enough to break from what promises to be a defining time in the life of your family?, the whole point of the trip is to experience the wonders of life together not separately I’m sure.
    In my my final year of business (3 years ago) I was earning roughly ten thousand dollars a week, all I could see was what I didn’t have, it’s a fatal mistake that most people suffer from – the balance between work and family. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a goal book with family values included, so you know where your preconceived boundaries lye, a bit like share trading stick with the formula. :-)

    • Lisa

      Hi Geoff,

      Thanks for your great feedback…its a matter of getting used to a different way of living! I reckon that with time we will get used to it..its a matter of working out what we all can do so that we are all happy!! He is now looking for a new job – one where its going to work for our family :)


  2. Jackie Stenhouse

    Working shift work is definitely easier when they are away and can sleep peacefully. Shane never handled night shift very well and would take his 4 days off to get over it just in time for him to go back to work. Hopefully you won’t have to do it for too long and Dave will find something else which is more suited to your lifestyle. Permanent night shift is a huge ask.

    • Lisa

      Hi Jackie,

      We hope he gets a better job asap :) Night Shift is not fun but I think this week will be easier as we all get used to the different time changes :)

      I think you are right – its easier when they sleep away on the job!


  3. jan

    My father did shift work as a taxi owner and driver. I went to school but still had to be quiet at times. It was very limiting as he was a light sleeper. As you are the one trying to keep it all together – do what you think is the right thing to do. It will be much better for everyone if you are happy and feeling on top of everything. Maybe while David is doing night shift you could use the caravan park’s washing machines?
    jan recently posted..Granada First Impressions

    • Lisa

      Hi Jan,

      Thanks for the great feedback – Yep this week will be easier as we start to get used to our new way of life! I am going to do the washing when he is at work – that way it will be able to be dried during the day :)


  4. Steve

    That’s a tough set of circumstances Lisa, but I’m sure it’ll get better as time goes on. It takes a little time to adapt to changes in schedule, but I know you guys will figure it out. Take care, and just keep thinking about the good things.
    Steve recently posted..Cupcasions – Sorry with Cupcakes

    • Lisa

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks! I am thinking that this week will be easier – it has to be!! Its funny how we get so set in our ways, and then life changes and we have to work out a new time-table/schedule! I think this week will be easier :)


  5. Née

    Oh my! I think you are a legend for only snapping once! Trying to keep the house quiet so someone can sleep while still getting things done PLUS with kids around is impossible!! I hope the universe is listening to you but in the meantime I hope this week is better xxx
    Née recently posted..Making the most of The Man

    • Lisa

      Hi Nee,

      Thanking you so much for stopping here! This week will be easier…at least that is what I keep telling myself :)

      We now have one son in High School and another one looking for Part-Time Work so it might be easier to keep the bus quiet! We at least have the car to go out and explore the Mackay area.

  6. Lisa

    It must be very difficult for you trying to juggle everything during the day while your husband tries to sleep – I can’t imagine having to deal with those challenges! I hope everything gets easier soon!
    Lisa recently posted..Face-To-Face With Mona Lisa

    • Lisa

      Hi Lisa,

      We are going to see how this week goes! With one now at High School, and one looking for a part-time job it should be easier this week :)

      Thanks for your support.

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