Easter Time With Family

Today I spent time doing things that I love….chilling out with my boys. Well not all of them as they have far too much things to keep them busy. But I did get to spend time with Kyle. We took Dave’s canoe out into the dam and spent time paddling, drifting and relaxing.

Easter Time With Family

I So Needed That. I needed some time to do nothing – shipping container is sorted. Our older Sons things are packed. Zachery things are even packed and labelled (yep ready for when he leaves home to go to the navy….way too early for that but now that I know what has to happen I wanted to be ready!)

First night on the road

Our First Night on the Road ~

Eating Dinner in the Bus while staying in the Mechanics Yard!

Stopped To Spend Time With Family

We are so very lucky as we have stopped to spend time with Family. Not with all of us but with Davids side of the family. Would be so good if we had our older son home as well but he couldn’t get flights to here. At least my boys get to spend quality time with their grandparents. And their cousin who they haven’t seen for a very long time.

David Is Doing More on the Bus

David is working on the inverter for the batteries for our Motorhome. As yet we can not free camp without power (unless we want to have nothing in the fridge!) so he is working on getting it set up so that we can go camping anywhere anytime and not have to worry about plugging into power. He has finished the Motor Box – fully lined with insulation so that it is now sound proof, as well as carpeted. Sure looks good.

spending time with family

Kyle Loves Collecting ~

These are from Coolum Beach where we spent time before leaving the Sunshine Coast area.

Easter Time

We are not big on chocolate – well I love to eat it but really our boys can’t. They are so sensitive to food 🙂 Yet we let them go for it at Easter time…and pay big time later on. But there is one thing we do love – Hot Cross Buns.  Again we can’t have the shop brought ones but David makes the most yummiest Hot Cross Buns. He went into Bundaberg today and brought the ingredients to make some tomorrow.

With the use of his parents oven we will have Sultanas Hot Cross Buns, Currents Hot Cross Buns, and Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns. Must remember to take photos…..wish I could send you one, they are the best ever.

Reflection On Family

Maybe its my age, or something but I am keen to spend time with all of my family. Which is weird because we are not the most closest family ever….actually we are the most dysfunctional family I ever have known. Even my wedding day (over 17 years ago) was stupid because my parents wouldn’t come if one parent was attending…so I ended up with no parent from my side 🙁

Yet I wish for things to be different.

Love Sunsets

Watching The Sun Going Down.

I wish that I could have parents who could forget and move on, and appreciate what they could have with our boys – I guess I wish for the most craziest things sometimes. I just wish that I could hold my head up high and know that my family had my back. I guess that saying “You Made Your Bed, Now You Lay Down On It” applies here. I knew what I was getting myself into when I got married – and I should just shut up.

Gosh I should be grateful for my five crazy kids, and my fond memories of my time with my family from when I was younger.

I guess that I am being silly but that is what I am – silly!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.

Tomorrow I spend time with my Family – and I feel like that I am so very lucky. We have each other, and we have our health. What more could I ask for?

We also have an Easter Tradition. Where the Easter Bunny hides little Chocolate eggs around the yard and our boys have to search for them. I am so looking forward to the morning – lots of laughter, too much Eggcitement and heaps of yummy Hot Cross Buns.

What Do You Like About Easter Time With Family?



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3 thoughts on “Easter Time With Family

  • April 8, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    When the children were little we went camping with three other families. Wherever we were there was always a huge egg hunt, plus personal eggs from individuals within families. Lots of chocolate followed by ratty behaviour. BBQ’s and drinks and fishing and boats. That is what Easter is in our family.

    Now the kids are big the same families still go camping and waterskiing and/or fishing. Still BBQ’s and drinks and boats and not so many chocolate eggs!

    Happy Easter Lisa, David and family!
    jan recently posted..Happiness Highlights – Travel and Home

    • April 9, 2012 at 11:54 am

      Hi Jan,

      Oh that sounds like a perfect way to celebrate Easter 🙂

      Love the idea of Camping with Three other Families – a huge Egg Hunt, BBQ and Drinks (our boys would love the fising and Boats) sounds perfect!

      YEP – today we have the ratty behaviour with our boys!


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