Getting The Bus Ready

We are getting ready to get on the road! This day has been 7 months in the making….where David has changed nearly everything in the bus, either fixing what he was able to fix, or replacing everything that need to be ripped out and replaced.

A bit like our family home which took a lot of renovating to bring her back to life – Rose The Lifestyle challenge Bus has also needed a lot of renovating. Getting the Bus Ready today has been full on – everything is packed away nice and neat so that as we leave Bundaberg, we will get to our destination with everything in one piece.

Getting The Bus Ready

Getting the Bus Ready

I did not realise how much Stuff we still have! Even after having a huge clean out, and storing our precious things, our boys still have a lot of clothes, school books, reading books, and bit of toys that we need to pack into the bus!

Amazing how much four boys clothes take up with space in our Motorhome. Actually while I was putting away their clothes, and Davids clothes, I realised that I dont have as many clothes as them! What is going on….I mean I am the girl in the family and I have less clothes then all of my boys and hubby! Gee maybe I should have a shopping spree one day soon 🙂

Big Wardrobe is packed and ready

My clothes packed and ready to travel

When Are We Leaving?

Gosh I wish I had a $1.00 from every person who asked us over the last few months, “When Are You Leaving”? I so would have enough money to travel around Australia at least once 🙂

Will guess what – if you are reading this post about Getting The Bus Ready, then you will be the first people to know – we are on the road right this minute.

I am writing this Monday night, and I will be publishing it just before we drive out of the drive way. I always thought that we would decide which way to head around Australia (turn left at the end of the road to go south or turn right to head north) but our plans are more detailed.

We are turning left as we are heading down to the Sunshine Coast area! Which sounds so weird because we came from Glasshouse Mountains! But there are a few reasons why we need to be close to Brisbane…..

  • My son is going through the last stage of his navy interviews. He may have moved out (which I deal with by saying “He is staying at a friends house for the moment” !) But he is still my baby (yeah I know he is 17!) and I want to be there as he goes in for his last lot of interviews, and I want to be there as he comes out after the interview
  • Our bus needs to be registered to carry 7 people. At the moment it is only registered to carry the driver – which is not suitable for our needs. To get the bus registered we need to have the lounges approved (with a chassis engineering number) and there is no one in Bundaberg who can do facing seats!
  • We also need some major Motorhome Supplies from Brisbane. Being closer means that David can drive in and get what he needs instead of having them shipped from Brisbane to us!Under The Bead Storage Space

So Keen To Be On The Road

I am so keen to be gone, so much so that David is pushing himself too hard to have everything done! The outside still needs painting, the roof rack needs major repairs, we still need a trailer for the car (and extra beds for Cameron and Zachery) and more water tanks need to be made.

But I reckon that if we waited till everything was done then we would still be here in 20 years time…..Getting The Bus Ready for travelling takes a lot of work, and time. Yet with Haydens interview, and also with a blogging event coming up in Melbourne we need to be on the road.

Saying GoodBye

There are a few things that I will miss about Bundaberg.  This is the longest time we have ever lived in Bundaberg and I have enjoyed exploring the area – from the tourist attractions to the free places to visit. If you are ever in Bundaberg then I highly recommend the Bundaberg Rum Factory Tour.

It was the best – we are not big drinkers and we dont actually drink Rum but the amount of information that the tour guide provides as you are walking through the factory is worth your time and money.

Getting The Bus Ready

There is one family that I am going to miss the most. The family have had us all over for Dinner (their BBQ dinners rocks!) a few times, and I have been lucky to spend time over there getting my Internet Marketing work done.

We have had some good times, lots of coffee, too many yummy cakes, and even manage to complete the Cane2Coral together. But I know in my heart that its not a time to say Goodbye to this amazing family as we will meet some where some time while Travelling Around Australia

Here is to our journey beginning…..if you have a dream – believe. Because it will come true. Our family is Getting ready to live on the road, and we are so looking forward to the amazing discoveries we are about to make as we set off around Australia.

We are on the Road!




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6 thoughts on “Getting The Bus Ready

  • September 13, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    Woo Hoo you are under way, I am sure you will have a great time especially the boys.
    We look forward to catching up with you when you are down our way.


  • September 14, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    Oh Lisa you are so sweet, I am so excited for you and when I read that you have published this as you drove out, I got goose bumps because I know how much this day means to you all. We are going to miss you so much and loved getting to know you and your family and I am so happy you weren’t the big hairy man my kids warned me about (another story)
    I would love to meet up somewhere in Australia someday soon.

    Good Luck and Bon Voyage
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..How to Add a Facebook Widget to Your Website

    • September 14, 2011 at 10:40 pm

      Thank you Jackie 🙂

      We actually did not leave that day! I wrote about what went down that day instead – you can read that one here….

      Due to David having to do more to the bus then we thought possible we stayed an extra day! It was so good because our story went into the Bundy newspaper, and we were able to fit our washing machine into the boot 🙂


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