Go On A Luxury Australian Adventure

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If you play lottery online, it can open up a whole world of possibilities, just like some of these unforgettable Australian experiences. Are you ready? Let’s go! Lets Go On A Luxury Australian Adventure

Australia has many privately owned luxury lodges and camping escapes. It’s the best way to experience wild and inspiring landscapes while feeling pampered at the same time.

1. Cape Lodge, Margaret River

Go On A Luxury Australian Adventure


This sterling place is located on its very own vineyard in the Margaret River wine region. The ocean and beaches are nearby, and one of the finest dining rooms, the Cape Lodge, is like staying at a private country estate with its world-class boutique hotel offering the finest food and wine.

2. Sal Salis

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Your luxurious wilderness tent of Sal Salis is just steps away from the World-Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef. It is one of the best places in the world to swim with gentle Whale Sharks. It offers visitors a touch of safari style to this remote and wild escape. Nearby is also the Range National Park with breath-taking wildlife.

3. True North

A luxury experience on water aboard the 18-cabin adventure cruise ship called “True North”. Discover rivers, gorges and the wilderness of the remote Kimberley coastline. On-board is a helicopter and 6 expedition boats for daily adventures. Not to mention, 19 experts providing amazing insights to the land and superb dining experiences for guests.

4. Bamaru Plains

The Bamurru Plains have nine exclusive bungalow camps offering you a touch of ‘wild bush luxury’ on the Mary River floodplain. You can expect personalized activities, air-boar safaris, crocodile viewing, and bird-watching. Also included are fishing trips, four-wheel drive safaris, helicopter flights, and tours to the rock art galleries in Arnhem Land.

What’s a travelling experience without some good wine? Australia has many fine vineyards with award-winning wines just beyond their cellar doors. Not only can you tour and buy, but you can also dine like royalty, go to events, see art, and indulge in private wine tastings and gastronomy lessons.

5. Vasse Felix

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The place is just as fancy as its name. You can go on a behind-the-scenes journey into the winemaking process, and enjoy a private tasting of their finest wines. You can also indulge in the exquisite regional flavours of the Vasse Felix restaurant and learn the art of food and win pairing. They also have an art gallery, local gardens, and many stunning sculptures.

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