Happy 11th Birthday

We are a bit slack! We have never had a birthday Party for Cameron. Not sure how that happened…maybe cause he is our fourth son and we kinda got too busy…and maybe cause of the time of the year. Its crazy leading up to Christmas and we just never seem to got around to it.

But he asked and we gave. He really wanted about 10 friends from school to his party. Mind you not every one came, and no-one actually let me know who was coming/who wasn’t!!!

He did have a great time, even though his brothers upset him. He got some great gifts, had yummy cake, and lots of food that we normally don’t have. Wished the party went a bit longer, and that they had something more to do…maybe next time I will hire a party planner?

The best part of the day…..was being with friends ::

Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Cameron

The Birthday party was held in a Park so that there was a table to place the food, somewhere for all of their kids to run around and also it was easier to clean up afterwards!

Playing hide n seek

Searching for Hidden Treasures

Kids playing in the playground…searching for Treasures! They were all given a small item to hide, and then everyone had to find one that they didnt bury. Not sure if everyone actually found them all?

Having a good birthday time

Cameron and one of his friends

Cameron and his friend. This is the boy who lives in the house of where we have our Motorhome Parked. He is a really great kid – and our boys love spending time with him (and his family!)

playing along the river

Cameron playing hide n seek

They all played Hide n Seek along the river bank. At one stage we lost two of the boys (both from Cameron’s Class). I started to get a bit concerned but one of the Dads found them in the Toilet Block….yeah crazy place to be hiding!

At the end of the party there was a few kids who were over excited, but hey that’s bound to happen with party food.

Happy 11th Birthday Cameron.

Hope the day was all that you wanted and all that you dreamed of.



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