Happy To Help If You Are Nice To Us

This is something that has me really fired up. This blog site cost us money to run, and we are happy to take on those costs……actually I love blogging so that is not the issue.

We are happy to work with PR companies ~ we love hearing from them and we love to share our experiences with them. That is what makes blogging so worthwhile.

We love to do Product Reviews ~ especially when we get to give one away!

We are happy to take on guest sponsored  blog posting – yes we get paid for it and yes its not in our words, but it helps to go towards the cost of our blogging ~ because we live in a Motorhome we can not get Internet Access like someone who lives in a home.

Our Internet Costs ::

Do you know we have to pay over $150.00 per month to have about 19GB and it only nearly lasts for the month. Its not like we can get discounts even though both of us have Telstra Mobile Phones.

042 (800x533)

Do you know we have to pay for hosting of our blog and our domain name?

So we take on Sponsors with Banners and Posting.

And we love working with Online Writers ~ they work hard behind the scenes researching their material and putting together their articles. They do a good job to give our readers quality content to read.

We are Happy To Help If You Are Nice To Us, because you as a writer are helping us out. It goes both ways and its a win/win situation.

Not So Nice ::

Yet one person thought that they could cross that line. Please when you email us, we are people. We have names ~ please look at our “About” page….our name is David and Lisa Wood. We have four of our five boys living with us.

For the time being we are about exploring new areas in and around Wollongong New South Wales when we can so that we can see the finer details of Australia.

So maybe I can’t answer emails straight away. So maybe I take time to read your article that you would like featured on our blog.

It does not mean that you can send through an email that does not introduce yourself, does not ask us to host your posts but tells us to, and then send through email messages that are not friendly.

We like to work with like minded people.

So please if you are a writer or a marketing department please remember this ::

1.  Our names are David and Lisa Wood

2.  We will happily work with you when you are nice to us.

3.  We are so grateful for having Sponsored Blog Posting because you are helping us out.

4.  Please remember that sometimes I can’t answer emails straight away.

5.  Please remember your manners ~ I am sure your Mum or Dad or even Grandparents taught you how to speak to someone new in a manner that means you are willing to have an on going relationship. After all just because you are behind a Computer Screen you are still a person and so are we.

6.  If you would like to work with us again, and we would love to, do not send an email that is rude!!!

Happy to be nice to you if you are nice to us.

How Do You Deal With Emails When The Person Is Rude?

Thanking you for following our Journey.



New Life on the Road.

PS :: Will have a Page Set up ASAP so that Guest Sponsors can read our Terms and Conditions. Thanking you.

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6 thoughts on “Happy To Help If You Are Nice To Us

  • March 30, 2013 at 8:52 am

    Wow Lisa, the mind boggles how people think it’s ok to be rude especially when faceless. Keep up the good work Lisa you have readers who appreciate you.
    Teresa recently posted..Duckies

    • March 30, 2013 at 10:18 am

      Hi Teresa,

      It was the very first time we have ever had an email like it! The writer thought he could give us an blog post without first asking us, then got rude when I didn’t reply to emails straight away….we were out n about yesterday so I was lacking time on line.

      The thing that got me upset was how little he actually spoke to us – he just assumed that he could have access to our readers! Our blog is important to us, and to you guys so unless someone is going to be nice then they can’t have our time 🙂

      Thanking you for the great feedback – so nice to hear from our readers xx


    • April 1, 2013 at 1:44 pm

      Its the very first time I have come across some one that was so rude! I won’t work with writers who demand instead of asking – and I wont work with one who is that rude they forget we are human. I have worked with a lot of PR companies and yeah they are so nice 🙂

  • April 3, 2013 at 10:26 am

    I have not worked with PR companies, but manners make the world a nicer place. Why would you want to work with a rude person – nobody would. I taught my children that if they wanted something they should ask nicely, or they may not get it.
    budget jan recently posted..Tuesday in Townsville Focus on the Clouds

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