Healing Naturally

Guess what I said the other day? I said the words that came back and bit me on the bum big time! I said that “I never ever get sick” to a family member….within a week we were all sick. Yeah Murphy’s Laws came knocking, and it is still hanging around. I then said “And if we do get sick we know what to do to make it better”

Healing Naturally ::

Guess we all needed a week of slowing down, resting and healing Naturally and this past week is what we have done. It started with our 15 year old who came down with it and then he was “Kind enough to share it” – Yeah he coughed over everything in the Motorhome until then Cameron and Kyle came down with it, followed by me. It started off with a headache, then achy bones, sore throats, coughs and temperatures…..yeah it was a very strong virus.

It even bit David on the bottom, he came down with it one night but luckily he had raw garlic {swallowed a whole clove} and had pain relief, went to sleep and woke up the next day okay.

Using Natural Methods ::

We used all of our normal Natural Methods that we turn to when not well…..

  • Chicken Ginger Soup
  • Raw Garlic
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Onion cut up and placed next to the bed
  • Red Onion Soup
Our healing naturally


Over the week we tried everything to shake this virus. Nothing could shake it….and I was needing relief from Headaches. We don’t normally take Panadol but this was the one occasion when we all had to.

And then the headaches were so bad that the pain relief didn’t last long – so sleep was helping the younger two boys.

This is one very strong virus – normally Chicken Ginger Soup {with a LOT of ginger} will shake any head colds/sore throats.  So this was a surprise that after eating the soup we still felt the same.

David found this website – A Healthy Slice of Life – where I tried to the “Garlic lozenges” but they didn’t seem to help as much as swallowing the Raw Garlic. Did use their Apple Cidar Vinegar Drink which ended up being the only thing that did work!

Jumping onto Facebook Page {the one place that I don’t normally get much response from!} I asked for all “healing Naturally remedies” from our followers.

And boy did you guys jump on board…Thanking you so much.

*  Mandy Weinert – Sorry to hear you not well, hope you feel better as soon as possible – its not nice feeling so yucky. Thanks for the tips regards the Eucalyptus Oil – we started putting that on a tissue at night time and putting it under the boys pillow at night.

*  Billie Henrick – Thanks for the Vicks Trick – we have used that before and yep we started using that on all of us! Helps with breathing easier.

*  Lisa Hershman – Chamomile Tea – yep been using that a lot. Did add Lemon slices to the tea which was soothing, thanking you

*  Baerbel Fischer – Thanking you regards the Zinc tip. David went to the health food store and purchased a good quality brand that we are now taking at night time.

*  Kerri Ballantyne – Black tea honey and cinnamon – never thought of using Cinnamon. Will have to give this one a try.

*  Trudy Fischer – I so wished we had a bath tub!!! When we stayed at our older sons place I made this for our oldest son a few times to help with his back ache….if we had a bath tub in our motorhome its the first thing I would have loved to do! The  Epsom salt bath works so well on so many things.

*  Jenny Miles – Yeah we are into the soups – mind you I hadn’t thought to use turmeric in the soup 🙂

*  Nicole Laird – Black tea with lemon and honey also lots of fresh oranges – sounded very yummy and soothing, thanks 🙂

*  Jenny Ireland – Got David to buy Fresh Pineapple and cut it up, loved how it soothed such a sore throat – thanking you

*  Tap Queen – thanking you for your hints and well wishes. Walking was not on for any of us because the light was making our eyes hurt along with our headaches – it hurt to move at all 🙁 But now that the headaches are easing up we hope to start taking small strolls along the beach.

*  Trish Taylor  – Never thought to try Turmeric for a head cold before….we had run out so I got David to buy some. Thanks for the great tip.

KarenDerek Grigg – DoTerra’s “onguard” essential oil – not heard of that before? Will have to look into it.
*  Stephanie Kakris – I started sucking on Pink Rock Salt after reading your comment {I knew about the tip but had forgotten to use it!!} and yes I loved the tapping vlog on YouTube – I checked it out and used it throughout the day.  Works so well – thanking you 
*  Heather Carroll-fry – Apple cider vinegar – Oh I so forgotten about this one! So I got David to look up the Recipe online and found a natural blog post with Healing Naturally recipes. Worked out well.
*  Donna Thomson  – olive leaf extract  – yeah I need to get some of that for next time! Actually I sure hope there isn’t a next time any time soon!
* Anne Croyden – Mix vinegar and honey and down a tablespoonful 6 times a day… Great for sore throats and colds – thanks 🙂
*  Renovating Italy – thanking you, sure do need it for this past week and this coming week 🙂
*  Bettina’s Destiny BettinaShepherd – Olive Leaf Extract . Aloe Vera . Magnesium .vit C . Honey  – we sure have gone through a LOT of honey this week, about $20.00 worth 🙂
*  Anita Cooper – thanks for the well wishes Anita
*  Dale McCormac – thanks for the recommendation of a great product that you use.
*  Willem Broekers – thanks for the great tip. Took it three times a day 🙂
*  Lara HeDid-DoIt Dunn – Oh I am very sorry that you are not feeling the best, hope the olives and the fresh Pineapple helped 😉
*  The Blonde Nomad – Took your hints and well wishes on board. Thanking you so much
* Holiday Road – thanking you for the well wishes.

Our Methods Are Slowly Working ::

From Raw Garlic, to spicy food, to soothing soups, chamomile teas, green teas, lots of honey, lemons and Apple Cider Vinegar drinks – trying everything and anything!
Apple Cider Vinegar


We still have coughs but the head aches are gone, and the sore throats are starting to ease a bit….so we are not 100% back to our normal self but we are getting there!
Can tell you this much – never ever want to spend another winter down here in New South Wales unless we really must! Right now Darwin sounds so very good.

Are You Well?

Thanking YOU all for your gorgeous well wishes, helpful tips and hints – reading them all and taking them on board so helped.
Wishing you all well, hope you are all feeling better if you are not well and hope that the sun is shining where ever you are.
New Life on the Road
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6 thoughts on “Healing Naturally

  • July 29, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    Oh my gosh we are so sorry everyone got sick, Lisa! Yikes I never thought of that in all this time that we’ve been following you that the motorhome would be a encased trap for the family if one of you fell ill. I’m sooooo glad everyone is on the mend now! Did David give you a big smooch after he swallowed that garlic? I always love to hear home remedies and what works or doesn’t work. I also wonder if for many of us it becomes a mental thing and mind over matter in convincing us that the “placebo” remedy really did the trick?? Sorry I didn’t see your Facebook post or I would have responded. Other than checking for IM’s I’m usually only on there once a week 🙂
    Mike recently posted..Top 10 Matt Damon Movies, How Do You Like Them Apples?

    • August 4, 2014 at 4:11 pm

      No way was there any kissing going on….I so didn’t want to pass any germs onto David!! His garlic trick worked a treat for him – he was able to shake the virus and keep it away.

      Glad we all are on the mend – sure is cold down here at the moment which doesn’t help!

  • August 1, 2014 at 12:23 pm

    I don’t spend much time on facebook nowadays Lisa so I didn’t see your plea for help 🙁 Glad lots of other people did and that you are finally on the road to recovery. It is awful when the light hurts your eyes. You all had a bad dose. Good on David for killing it with Garlic.
    jan recently posted..Rustem Pasha or a Mosque hidden in a Market Place

    • August 4, 2014 at 4:09 pm

      Thanking you so much Jan for your wonderful support over the years – we sure had our hit! Don’t wish for it ever again 🙂

      Yeah David is lucky that he was able to keep going and the garlic worked so well

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