How We Win Competitions Online

I have been meaning to write “How We Win Competitions Online” blog post for such a long time! I promised it months ago…but you know how it is! Things happen and life gets in the way.

Want To Know What We Have Won?

Since we have been online we have won a few competitions…not sure if I can remember them all but here goes ::

  1. Sony PSP plus five games (thanking you Trish from My Little Drummer Boys!)
  2. A cocktail trip to Melbourne (thanking you Nuffnang and Schweppes!)
  3. Donna Hayes DVD
  4. A gorgeous little bag (thanking you Tracy from Life Changing Year)
  5. A baby sling (which I donated to a Charity  “women in need” in the US)
  6. Cool Gelmat – perfect for hot summer days or night sweats (not saying that I have them yet!!)
  7. An Cinder Audio Book from the USA 🙂
  8. A copy of the ebook “Only Hearts Should Be Worn on Sleeves” (thanking you Kelly from Three Li’l Princesses)
  9. Dinosaur Library Bag

10. Fairy Arts n Craft – yep our boys got to make fridge magnets!

11. Blog Writing Competition About Favorite Family friendly City – a huge thanking you to Caz from Mojitio Mother!

12.  Stocklands Gift Card

13.  McCormick Gift Hamper (huge thanking you from Dear Baby G)

14.  eBooks to reviews – had two ebooks given to New Life on the Road to review!

How Do We Win?

Its easy really! We enter competitions and we win them. Simple? No not really!! But there is one thing that we do to win so much…..

We Read This Book ::


And We Enter Competitions from Three Lil Princesses. Every week she has a blog post where everyone adds their competitions to it! And that is where I find all of the great prizes up for grabs!

So Easy. You Have Got To Be In It To Win.

What Would YOU Like To Win?



New Life on the Road

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