Making Money While Travelling

Today is Monday! And normally I host our regular Blog Post “Featured Travel Blogger” ~  yet I am taking a break. You see I am waiting on a few bloggers to get back to me, and with my crazy lifestyle (painting a old Motorhome, gardening, homeschooling and more~) I havent had time to chase anyone and ask them what is the hold up!

After speaking with my hubby over the phone (love you Dave!) I was wondering what I could do….he suggested writing about “Ways to Make Money While Travelling”!

Which I thought was brilliant! As we do get asked this very question a lot.

Considering we went to the Sarina Show on Sunday ~ and asked a few of the carnival holders questions about their life/style I thought I would share what we found out about Making Money while travelling Australia.

One of the couples we spoke to own their own Screen Printing Business. They make anything to do with art work (sayings/drawings etc) on clothes, hats, business cards and even painted their own Motorhome……

Selling Clothing and more

They have the Stock stored in the bottom of their Motohrome ~

and have painted their Brand onto the bus!

So how do they make money while touring? Simple ~ they have a “Brand” and they believe in their “Brand”. They looked around at speedways and realised that there was nothing out there that looked good in the way of clothing for women. They soon realised that Men’s clothing for the speedway was also lacking!

Living on the Road with a business

Race N Rodeo ~

Branding there business around two themes!

So they created their own “PitBitch” (Race) brand and soon went into the country side (Rodeo) of the business creating T-Shirts like the one I bought…..

Selling T-shirts while on the road

They sell from Carnival to Carnival. And also have their stock in various stores, clubs etc.

Travelling and making money

Amazing how they designed the theme ~

as well as painting it ~ It was there idea (brand) coming together!

It was soon apparent that they started out as a small company, and embarked into a bigger way of selling! It’s a great way to make money while travelling, and they were doing a roaring trade (they were selling out fast with the T-Shirts while we were there on Sunday, bet they did better the day before!)

Another way to do the Carnival/Show scene is to find a stall that is asking for staff members! From food vans, to rides, to set up or pulling it all apart at the end of the show…..there is always something to be done, and a position that needs to be filled.

Another Way To Make Money While Travelling

Is through word of mouth ~ in Mackay I get offered a job where ever I go! The joke in our Motorhome is ‘If you have a Pulse, then You have a JOB”!! From Bunnings, to McDonald’s, to even Petrol Stations ~ every one of those business has offered me a job. Of course I can’t work in any of them because we are homeschooling Kyle as well as Zachery is home with his Tafe Studies!

Here are Seven Ways To Travel and Make Money ::

1.  Stay in a caravan Park and help out with cleaning/ Yard Work. It’s not the best of pays but it could help with bringing in a little bit of extra cash/or you could ask to have the money taken off your rent!

2.  Ask around. The more you talk to people, the more they will tell you where the jobs are! Even approach businesses and ask them what they have available – amazing how many jobs both David and I could be working by now.

3.  Stay at places where you work to pay your way ~ not going to make you rich but it will put food in your belly, and cut the cost of your rent fees (some will let you stay for free ~ as long as you look after the place)!

4.  Join the Shows/Carnivals/Festivals. If you already have a product that you sell (you must believe in that product 110% for it to sell as there might be many stalls the same as the one you already have!) then search online for the next show dates, and make sure you follow them around Australia.

5.  Leading on from the last question ~ Find a product to sell that is unique. There was lots of the same stalls at the Sarina Show (fast food vans!) and they were struggling to make sales because there was nothing unique about them.

There was one Van that we bought our lunch from and they were so popular ~ Pasta was their number one dish for sale…and it was so very yummy! It was also something that everyone knew what it was going to be like, so buying a dish from them was not scary!

Food Van

Cameron eating his favorite meal ~

Lasagna ~ from the Pasta Van

6.  Selling online as well as offline. If you have a product that can be picked up, handled, touched, photographed…then sell online as well as offline. That way you will make sales every day while not travelling, and double your sales when travelling!

7. Find a Product that everyone either must have (food) or want/need (clothes) ~ set up your motorhome/caravan/camper trailer to be able to carry the stock. That way you have a business that can all be claimed as you embark on your journey around Australia!

Another Helpful Tip ::

Did you know that if you travel for work and go from point A to Point B and know that you are going from Job to Job then you can claim your expenses on the Road as a Tax Deduction ? Of course I am not a tax specialist so you must seek the professionals to help you with all that paperwork/rules/regulations for how much you can claim etc!

There are many ways to travel around Australia! Making Money While Travelling can keep you moving, can give you an income and can mean that your dreams of travelling is achieved!

David and I havent stopped talking since Sunday ~ we are excited about the possibilities of what we could do while travelling. We keep coming back to the same idea ~ joining the Carnivals/Shows/Festivals and travel around Australia…now to find a product that a) everyone must have b) everyone needs!

Do You Have Any HelpFul Ideas about Making Money While Travelling?

Are you travelling and making money?

If so share your way of living!



New Life on the Road

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9 thoughts on “Making Money While Travelling

  • August 8, 2012 at 9:51 am

    Wow! So nice of you to share these insights. I am not at the point of traveling full-time and trying to make money on the road yet, but hope to be one day. I let all these ideas ferment in my mind so I’ll feel a little more ready when I can finally make the dream happen. Thanks for sharing!
    Juliann recently posted..My Thoughts Traveled to Georgia with the Changing of the Guard

  • August 8, 2012 at 11:14 am

    Good idea. I was thinking about joining the circus. 🙂

    Seriously, I think I’d rather sell online. Following shows around feels like you’re limiting your destinations. Of course, you can always skip an event or two.

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  • August 13, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    Hi Lisa!
    What a fantastic portrayal of your travels! Glad you could include us in this. We actually have a business, in Newcastle, and take time out each year, for 8 weeks of travel, to service North Queensland with our innovative range of rodeo, and racing merchandise. Shows are not normally our routine. We visit outback towns and Rodeos where cowboys and cowgirls love our unique range. Yes, we have a home, office, and yes, we have a website. But this 8 weeks on the road, is purely business to promote our brand, PBOZ Country and Pitbitch. This helps generate sales on our website, annually. We have been called “carnies” by our friends at home lol, but really it is our business on the road. Lovely to meet you and your family, and have fun on the road! Darren and Jen

    • August 14, 2012 at 11:25 pm

      Hi Jennie,

      it was so good to meet you guys and to see your amazing bus! Sure gave us lots to think about – love your t-shirts and how you have built up your business.
      Think its fantastic that you travel as well as have a house/business and website! Sure is a great way to make a living 🙂


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    • September 11, 2012 at 1:01 am

      Sounds like a great way to make money Jason 🙂


  • November 1, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    I love your blog so much. Thanks so much for sharing. I have spent most of the last few years travelling around the world (my partner and I are both artists). When we have children all I want is to travel australia in a van and homeschool. Finding your blog has been so inspiring. You seem like such a happy/inspirational mama to your children. x jess


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