Merry Christmas From The Woody Family

On Christmas Eve we took two of our boys to see The Best Christmas Lights ever – the other boys decided that they have seen them so many times over the years and didn’t want to see them again!

It was the perfect way to get us all in the mood for Xmas – until that moment no-one in our family had felt like the true Christmas Spirit was with us.

The next day Santa Came…..Cameron and Kyle was more than over the moon with the gifts left on their beds over night. Santa Claus was far too generous.

Santa Came

Christmas Time! Cameron over the moon.

Cameron –

Funniest Face I have ever seen!


Santa Claus Came

Yep I am Excited!

 Kyle ~

Loved Santa Claus Coming!

Christmas Day

Kyle and Cameron Played all morning with Bubbles

But the best gift of all was having all of my five boys together for the day – the way they got along together was the only gift I had asked for, and I am so very grateful to the powers that be because they answered my requests. Actually so far this has been the best time that our boys have ever experienced while all together – maybe they are finally growing up?

All of our boys together for Christmas

Woody Boys ~

Made My Day Having All of My Boys Together!

Merry Christmas from Zachery

Zachery ~

Saying Merry Christmas!

Saying Merry Christmas at lunch time

Merry Christmas – Eating Lunch!

Nicholas ~

About to Eat Lunch!

And so from our family to yours – we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year (sorry this was late but I am having issues with our lack of internet connections!)

Woody Family

David – Yep! He Loves Making Funny Faces 🙂

Hope you all stayed safe over the holidays and all had a fun filled family time.

May all your dreams come true for 2013.



New Life on the Road.

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