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Today is Monday, where we share a Featured Travel Blogger.  So that way we can connect with other families, and learn about their journey of travelling, with/without family! I love reading about other families that are travelling as they give us all inspiration.

Monday Travelling Blogger Featured

Yesterday I was all in a panic as I had not had time to think about anything….a trip to Melbourne and learning so much about Blogging and World Vision had put me in a spin. Add packing up a bus to move on out, a trip to SeaWorld and I had forgotten to all about our Monday regular posting.

Luckily the amazing Tracey from “Life Changing Year” came to the rescue.  Thanking Tracey for agreeing to be Modnay Travelling Blogger Featured at New Life on the Road.

We are proud to feature Tracey’s Journey…..

Q:- What made you decide to make 2012 your year for travelling?

I’d been feeling restless for a while. I’ve often felt I was meant to be doing something “more”.  When I travelled interstate in June 2011 and was delayed at the airport I bought some books to read, “The Four Hour Work Week and “How to Retire in 12 Months”. I was lost after that. I couldn’t stop thinking about a year off. Just sell everything and go!!  It only took 24 hours for my husband to get on board and that was that!  We couldn’t wait to go so we worked out the bare minimum time we’d need to save and how much we thought we would need and we were off just 6 months later!

Monday Travelling Blogger Featured

Jono and Kate with the long necked Karen tribe in Chiang Mai ~

Check out that NECK 🙂

Q:-  Are you travelling with family? If so what are there ages?

I’m travelling with my husband and 3 of my children.  They are 17, 15 and 10 years.  Two of the three children were keen for the trip but the 15 year old didn’t want to go. She wanted to stay with her friends and was very worried about an early gap year affecting her school results.  I’m pleased to say she is now happily along for the ride!!

Monday Travelling blogger Featured

Kate and her self portrait with an elephant

Q:-  Do you plan on travelling for the year or for longer?

At the moment our plan is only to take the year off.  That same 15 year old would not be so agreeable if we did not have a finite time limit!  But a year is not really enough. Once you arrive in a country you realize it’s not so much about seeing the sights but about spending quality time with the people and learning about their culture and what they think about their own country. You can’t do that if you are just a few days in each place – especially if there is a language barrier!  We are busy hatching a plan that will see us travelling again in 2015. This time with just one child along for the ride!!  And possibly for longer than a year.

Life Changing Year Blog

Kate and Jono eating street food in Laos

Q:- If there is one thing you could change about starting your travelling journey, what would it be?

Hmmmmm.  I’ve racked my brain and I can’t think of anything I would change. Maybe we could have learnt a little of the Thai language?  That would at least have helped us order food those first few weeks!!  There’s only so much Pad Thai one person can eat!!

5.  What is the one place that you have visited that you would recommend to other families?

Prior to this trip I told everyone they HAD to visit Coober Pedy in Australia. I love the other-world atmosphere of that place and the underground hotels!!

But now I’ll be adding South East Asia to my list of recommended spots. It blows my mind just how cheap it is to live here and how friendly the people are. I can see why people retire to one of these countries and live happily ever after!  Who wouldn’t want to live on enormous fresh chicken and salad baguettes with a lemon shake for just $2 from Laos?

Or Pad Thai for $1 in Bangkok?  Or know that you can rent a great apartment on the beach for $600 a month in Penang?

The best thing for families is how welcome the children are. There’s no shushing them at every turn – they are embraced by everyone.  Someone in Vietnam told us this week that you are treated with more respect here once you have your own children – I thought that was quite interesting!!

new life on the Road featured travel blogger

All of us inside the caves at Halong Bay

And you never have to cook In SE Asia – WHAT PARENT COULD RESIST THAT?!?

About Monday Travelling Blogger Featured:-

Tracey and Gert were just toddling along doing the same thing as everyone else. Going to work, coming home, spending all their money on “stuff”!  Until they decided to take a break from the rat-race for a whole year!  They are currently in the third month of a 12 month round-the-world trip with three of their children.

You can follow their adventures at Life Changing Year.   Or learn more about them from their Who Are We page. Dont forget to like lifechangingyear’s facebook page when you visit their website – that’s where all the weird photos show up!!


Thanking Tracey from Life Changing Year. It was so good to be able to read more about your journey and to find out about your reasons of why you want 2012 to be your year of travelling! It was also great to hear that your 15 year old is now liking the journey!

Would You Like To Know Any More About Tracey Travelling Journey?

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New Life on the Road.

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