Motorhome Renovations Update and New Plans

They kinda go hand in hand…cause with any new plans means that our renovations have either changed, or speed up or are done differently.

At first we thought we would go straight to Clermont for about a month to two months. Working there and relaxing at Theresa Creek Dam. But because of my older son and Dave’s parents our plans have changed.

We are now only going to head to Clermont for short spell, then we are making plans to spend time with family for xmas. If I had my way we would so be on a Cruise Ship for the Christmas period ~ maybe next year (hint, hint David!)

Yet I know that Grandparents needs must come before our own, and I know that I need to see my older son so badly.

Mind you its only for a very short time cause we need to be on the Road heading towards New South Wales!!!

Yeah I wanted to head to Western Australia but we have to think of our second son Zachery. He needs to complete year 11 and year 12 through Tafe. He doesn’t want to complete it through correspondence cause he wants the help through the teacher day to day instead of online/email/text.

And after David has done all of the research N.S.W seems to be the better state for that to happen.

Which puts us in one spot for a period of time.

But this time we are doing it with a difference. We are not staying in one spot the whole time. We will be able to move around ~ you see we are getting our Motorhome ready for Registration. Once that happens we will never ever be stranded in one spot again!  We will be able to move around the area.

That way I wont get stale with our lifestyle….I love change!

Roof Renovations

David is filling up the Gaps ~

I painted the roof white (still have to finish the middle row)

Our Motorhome Renovations ::

In the next two weeks we are going full steam ahead with Motorhome Renovations. David finished work – YIPPEE. Friday the 30th was his last day! Super excited cause that means no more changes of night shift/day shift and trying to be quiet for him. A bit scary too cause that means the Motorhome will be even more messier than before.

Something really good is going to be happening!!

Where we are staying the Man of the House has a best mate (who has helped us out so much already) who is going to paint our Motorhome for us….yep. A professional paint job. So over the moon cause its going to look so good! And it means less work for David. He has more than enough to complete on the outside, and even more still on the inside. I swear that a Motorhome is never completed – a bit like a home renovations!

What Needs to Be Done ::

  • The Outside needs to be put back together
  • The back and the front needs repairs
  • New Window Wipers
  • New Window Screen
  • Our seats approved (mostly already done)
  • new back bumper bar
  • New front bumper bar
  • Headlights put back in!!

I am sure I have left heaps out….

Now I have to find accommodation heading down South….and even on the Sunshine Coast. Yep Dave has lined up work with his wonderful boss that he used to work for. That means a couple of weeks work before heading South….making our trip a tax deduction and meaning that he can work with wonderful people again.

So if you dont hear from me in the next few weeks, its cause we are super busy. If you know of a great place to stay on the Sunshine Coast area please let us know – we need somewhere close to work, but somewhere we can explore that is new!

If you would like to catch up with us anywhere between Mackay and New South Wales, let us know! We are so happy to meet with others – it makes our journey worth it. And we love the connections we are making. Its like its meant to be.

Will be sad to leave where we are?

Yep only cause we have made wonderful life time friends.

But we are so happy to be moving on.

Even though I know next year we are tied down with Zachery’s course. The year after that is when we are truly free….there will be no schooling keeping us in one spot and there will be more travelling opportunities. Until then its all exciting times ahead.

Motorhome Renovations :: On going

New Plans :: Change all of the time. That is the flexibility of what we are doing!

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