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Moving To The Country

Posted by on May 20, 2011

I wrote this blog post way back in May 2011 – Today I have added photos and updated some information to give it a fresh new look. For more updated information about New Life on the Road you can read about Our First Christmas in Our Motorhome.

Have you ever thought about changing location like Moving To The Country or moving to the Beach? Life could become interesting when you are on the road, or moving locations. But sometimes its a scary experience – moving from one country to another country. What about moving from overseas to Australia? Or the other way – moving from Australia to overseas!

Moving To The Country

Everyone likes a change. What’s that saying….”A change is as good as a holiday”. What about having to move to another country and you do not know anyone? Would you be that brave? I am not sure that I could move from one country to another. It would be a big move and one that needs to be shared with other people who have also moved. Recently a great friend launched her book “The Happy Migrant” to give support for others that are Moving To the Country – be it a new country, a new state, a new life or even moving back to where you grew up. Congratulations Kama from Happy Migrant on your new book!

Moving to the country

Our Beautiful Old Queenslander that we Sold!

Moving To A Different Country

If you need to know that you are not alone, and need emotional support then you will find “The Happy Migrant: Your Relocation Survival Guide” will provide you with all the tools you need to make your move a success. If you are wondering where to get your copy of “The Happy Migrant” book to help with Moving To The Country, Moving to the City, Moving to the beach or moving to anywhere then here is an unique book waiting for you – The Happy Migrant: Your Relocation Survival Guide

Moving on the road

Our new home on wheels – before David Renovated it!

Moving Can Be Fun Or It Can Be Scary

As a young child I remember moving house nearly every 3 years. It sure was fun trying to make new friends, trying to fit in with a new school environment and trying to be part of the cool group at school (never did get that part!). Now that we have a bus and have taken our life on the road I am not afraid. I am actually looking forward to meeting other people as we travel, meeting facebook friends and also Internet Marketing friends. I like the fact that our motorhome is a bus on wheels and we can easily move from week to week…moving to the country when we so wish or moving on to the beach if we so wish. Really Australia could be our home as we travel from town to town, city to city or state to state.

 Moving Country To Country

I am super keen to be able to say that we are “Moving To the Country” for this week! Or Moving on to the snow for the season. Actually we have so many places that we want to visit we are not sure where to head off first – visit the snow season? Or up North where it is a bit warmer than the climate here? Gosh it is so exciting thinking of all of the places around Australia that are waiting for our family.

What has helped us the most is connecting with other like minded people via facebook. I have meet some amazing families.

Moving to the country

 Country Buildings at Bundaberg

moving to the country

Moving to the beach means the boys can go fishing!

Support System When Moving House

Again its that support system that helps us to feel comfortable with Moving To the Country, the beach, the snow, the outback or anywhere around Australia. Having a book to help you with moving is fantastic – so get your copy of The Happy Migrant: Your Relocation Survival Guide

Some Facts About Our Family

Did you know that when I was growing up we moved nearly every year, or every two years! I had over 10 primary schools before I went to High school. Its funny – but I never ever liked to move when I was younger, now I have itchy feet! Maybe if we had the support of the book The Happy Migrant we might of been more understanding with all of our moves, and coped a bit better :)

When our boys were younger (especially our older two) I made a promise that they would never ever be moved from school to school – and now we are homeschoolig them!

Are Your Getting Ready To Move?



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13 Responses to Moving To The Country

  1. Renee

    Hi Lisa,

    I have been doing that migrant thing quite a number of times and moving to another country. It is very scary and very exciting at the same time. I didn’t know about the book you talk about, but I made sure I read some books and information about migrating.

    And I agree – having information about how others did it before, what are all the things you have to take care of and consider is a big help!

    • Lisa

      Hello Renee,

      It must have been a huge move for some of our family when they came out from England to Australia…..imagine moving from one country to another and not even knowing what the country was like? I sure take my hat of to you Renee….its not easy moving. Yeah – like you said, a good support system makes all the difference.


  2. Harry Lynn

    G’day Lisa,
    Watched “Who Do You Think You Are” last night and learned heaps about people moving – one convict had his wife follow him from the UK and they lived here for a few years, then returned to the UK – that was in the 1840’s when the trip was more than 27 hours in a Boeing.
    My only migratory exercise apart from Interstate was for one year to Singapore in 1969 on a contract.
    Harry Lynn recently posted..Learning Piano – My Learning Journey Part Three

    • Lisa

      Hello Harry,

      Thats an amazing story. Imagine how long that trip was back in 1840!!! Amazing to see how many people are that keen to move that even moving from Country to Country is not a issue. SO brave.

      Gosh a year in Singapore would have been fun. Thanks for sharing your experience.


  3. Hilary

    When I first moved to Australia over 20 years ago (OMG, has it been that long :)?!), it used to cost me over $1 a minute to talk to my mum. It is incredible how much easier communication has become today.

    The idea of moving to the country has often appealed to me…perhaps, one day.

    You will have so much fun, travelling around this beautiful country of ours.
    Hilary recently posted..Is It Time To Detoxify The Body

  4. Ki

    Moving to the country from the city is a really big move for so many – they fall in love with the idea of escaping the rat race, having animals around, no pollution and friendly neighbours who know who you are. But it is a big challenge and very scary for those used to city conveniences. We are trying to sell a block of land in the country, and although several people have been very interested and love the block, at the end they decide it is all too much to consider and stay put. Any big change is a challenge – you have certainly faced some huge challenges with your decision to live “life on the road”, so this site is an inspiration in overcoming the challenges of changing lifestyles.

    • Lisa

      Hello Ki,

      Thanks for leaving your great story about Moving to the Country. It sure is a big challenge. With a support system then anything is possible :) I like how you have realised that it is a huge decision to make. Kama book “The Happy Migrant” sure has a lot of hints and tips with support for moving from Country to country or state to state!! Or even town to town.


  5. David Moloney

    Hi Lisa,

    Over the last few years I’ve been toying with the idea of moving to the country. But I’m not sure I could bite the bullet to do it. There are things that I would miss from the big smoke. I think I’m more likely to move interstate to another city.
    David Moloney recently posted..Office Artwork- Doing it Yourself

    • Lisa

      Hello David,

      Come-on, what have you go to loose? You might find a better place to live, meet new people and explore a bit more of Australia……or you could do what we have done – brought a house on wheels so that we can move anywhere around Australia :)


  6. Carolyn

    Hi Lisa,

    My daughter worked in Japan for 2 years, teaching English as a second language. Was it a big decision? Huge! It was a wonderful experience for her and hubby, and they now have MANY funny stories to tell. I went to visit for 3 weeks, and did a lot of traveling all over the south islands, by myself! I loved it!
    Carolyn recently posted..How To Make A Fun Hat Out Of Cardboard Crafts

    • Lisa

      Hello Carolyn,

      Wow that is a huge decision – to teach in Japan and live there for 2 years. Would you like to share your daughters story here? If so email me at and I will be in touch.


  7. Kama

    Hi Lisa
    Thank you so much for mentioning my book. I hope the book will be beneficial to many as they prepare for their move and embrace their new environment. I look forward to reading your posts as you set of on your adventure! Happy Travels
    Kama (The Happy Migrant)

    • Lisa

      Hello Kama,

      Once again a Huge congratulations sent your way for your book. Must feel amazing to have your book published and ready to help others with moving!


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