Mud Car Racing

Today we went to a Mud Car Racing Championship in Sarina Show Grounds. We have never been to something so loud, and full of so much mud! Yet our boys LOVED every minute of it… must be a boy thing because I so could not understand why anyone would want to race in mud?

Queensland Mud Trail Championships

We wasnt sure what time it started today (yesterday it started at 11.00am) so we headed out the door around the same time…to find out that it started around 9.30pm. Oh well – at least we got to the Sarina Mud Trials!

 The sun was warm so we headed to a spot in the shade, even though we were in the shade most of us got burnt. The thing that struck me at first was the loud cars – like so loud that you could not hear each other talk! Then there was the Mud – it was thick mud, and it was getting deeper. Not sure why but they kept on wetting it with more water – the hose was going the whole time….and if the cars got stuck in the mud then they had to get out of the vehicle.

Mud Car Racing

Getting Stuck in the Mud ~

Getting out to hook up the Chain!

Would You Walk In Mud?

This is not a little bit of mud – I am talking about Mud that goes up to your knees in minutes and then within a few more minutes it goes past your knees! Everytime a car got stuck the passenger had to get out, and hook up the chain that the Big Tractor provided. The idea is to hook the chain onto the vehicle (at the front) so that as soon as the car gathers speed the hook comes off, the tractor goes one way and the car keeps on going!

Mud Car Racing Sarina Show Grounds

Tractors Pulling out the Stuck Cars ~

So much Water and So much Mud!

In the afternoon there was the “Junior Section” – not sure what age, but they sure looked  young! They knew what to do, and they kept on racing! Even when nearly all of them got stuck in one spot, and there was not enough tractors to pull them out, the race still went on.

racing through mud at Sarina Show Grounds

Mud ~ So Much Mud ~

Within minutes the Cars were covered in Mud!

Not Sure About That Mud

 Not sure that I could get out and help connect the chain to the front of the car, and get back in and keep on going…to know that the next bend we would be stuck all of that mud!

Before The Race Begins

Before The Race ~

Clean Car…within minutes its full of Mud!

And the noise – it was that loud that most babies had Head Ear Phones On….their parents must go to Mud Car Racing a lot – because the ear phones were Black/White Stripes – like a flag pattern.

Sarina Show Grounds

Going Around Bends ~

Soon means they are stuck!

I was so surprised how many cars had women teams…not trying to sound sexist but Gee I so could not image trying to steer a car through all of the mud without hitting another car, going around people who jumped out of their car, and feel safe. But there was not one accident….a few bumps and a few parts no longer on the cars, but everyone stayed safe!

Watching the Mud Car Racing

We Moved the Car ~

To Near the Track so our Boys Could stay out of the Sun!

Would I go back again to watch Mud Car Racing? Not sure – probably would one day, seen as how much our boys had fun watching the Cars/Buggy’s and how much David loved the crazy mud!

Have You Seen Mud Car Racing Before?



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3 thoughts on “Mud Car Racing

  • June 21, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    I am one of the event organizers and found your web site on youtube, great to know that we interested someone else:)

    glad you have had a great weekend!

    our juniors race from the age of 8 years old.

    cheers Viv

    • June 23, 2012 at 10:28 pm

      Hi Vivenne,

      Thanks for dropping and leaving a comment! We sure did have fun – our boys loved it 🙂


  • September 16, 2015 at 1:11 pm

    Mud car racing! That is indeed a great experience. It can be seen on the kids’ faces. This is one of the great twist with car racing industry.


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