Munching Monday Camp Cooking

This is from awhile ago! When we went to Theresa Creek Dam in Clermont David took care of the Camp Cooking. He decided that it was easy for our boys to have Toasted Sandwiches, and for us to have a healthy dinner. I am not sure what to name our dinner because it was half omelette and half Frittata!

Camping And Cooking

Even though we camped in tents we both wanted to go home feeling like we had been healthy over the weekend. So I was in charge of buying the camping gear, and as soon as I had seen the Double Sandwich Waffle Maker I knew that we could make good use of it. Our boys Love Toasted Sandwiches – with Tomato, Onion and Cheese.

Sitting in the back of our car

Kyle eating his Toasted Sandwich.

David then go to cooking our Omelette/Frittata and next to no time we were sitting in front of a Movie with our Meals enjoying our Camping trip.

Cooking the onions

David cooking on our Camping Trip

 David started cooking our meals ~

after our boys were eating.

cooking while camping

Eating our yummy healthy meal

Our yummy meal was full of Tomatoes, Baby Spinach, Eggs, Cheese, Sauerkraut with Carrot and maybe other ingredients because David can’t remember what was exactly in the ingredients!!

And yes it does look well cooked – that is what happens when you cook by torch light!

Camping with our boys

sitting and watching the Free Movie!

We hope to have another camping trip in the near future – if so I will have to remember to take more photos and take note of what David’s ingredients are when he cooks!

What Do You Like To Cook When Camping?



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