Munching Monday Feta and Spinach In Jacket Potatoes

The other day I prepared the Jacket Potatoes in our new frying pan so that when David got home he could prepare {and cook} the Feta and Spinach.

Its an easy Vegetarian dish that is healthy, very yummy and all of our boys will eat it happily!

Feta And Spinach In Jacket Potatoes ::

Ingredients –

6-8 Potatoes – Scrub Clean leaving it in the Jackets

1 Onion

2 Packet of Frozen Spinach

2-3 Eggs

250 grams Feta

500 grams Ricotta Cheese

75 g Grated ParmessanCheese

Olive Oil

Seat Salt/Pepper

spinach and feta in jacket potatoes


 Such a Great Recipe ~

For Kids and More!

Method ::

Bake Potatoes in their Jackets.

1. Dice and Fry Onion in Frying Pan with a Little Olive Oil

2. Add Frozen Spinach and Stir occasionally to defrost

3. In a mixing bowl combine Crumbled Cheese Eggs, Salt and Pepper.

4.  Add Garlic to Pan. Stir for 1 Minute and add Cheese Mixture.

5. Stir for 3-4 Minutes until Cooked and Thickened.

6.  Take off Heat

7.  Split Cooked Potatoes and Top with Spinach and Cheese Mixture.

Bon Appetite!

Have You Cooked Feta and Spinach in Jacket Potatoes before?

If you try it let us know!

Thanking you for following our Journey.



New Life on the Road

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