Munching Monday :: French Toast Faces

Our two younger boys are mad about French Toast Faces! They love eating them for breakfast, and lunch. I am sure they would ask them for dinner if they could.

French Toast Faces

Smiley Face

Hello Smiley Face

Love giving Kyle the Smiley Face ~

He Lights Up My Life.

Crazy French Toast Faces

Get Up For Cameron

Cameron French Toast ~

Playing around with him every morning cause he loves to sleep in!

giving Kyle a message

Teaching Kyle to Read

Saying Hi To Kyle ~

great way to teach him naturally to read!

Funny French Toast

Eat Me!!

Being Silly with the French Toast Messages

Sad Face

Grumpy Face

Funny Grumpy Face For Cameron ~

he wanted a sad face so he got it 🙂

What Do Your Kids Like To Eat For Breakfast?

Do you Like French Toast?



New Life on the Road

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