Munching Monday :: Garlic French Toast

When our boys are not well I cook them Garlic French Toast for Breakfast with out Milk! We try to keep them away from Diary when they are not well…and so I use lots of Garlic, Salt, Pepper and Water.

Garlic French Toast ::

Ingredients ::

4 Eggs

Water (add to taste)



Garlic – Crushed! I used about 8 gloves of Garlic.

Cooking French Toast

French Toast with Garlic

Four Eggs ~

Feeds our Two Boys!!

Adding the Garlic

Crushing The Garlic Into the French Toast

Adding the Garlic ~

add as much as you like !!

Cooking ::

Hot Frying Pan, Melt Butter and add cooking spray

Place Bread into Mixture, turning it over so both sides are covered!

Cook till bread is brown

Add your own topping – our boys have Tomato Sauce with their savory French Toast.  David makes a sweet French Toast sometimes for dessert…then our boys add honey!

Because of our way of living in our Motorhome, we heal with food! With head-colds we use Honey/Garlic/Lemons!! And it works fast!

Mixing with Water Salt and Pepper

Mixing the Mixture


Adding the Bread to the Mixture

Adding the Bread to the Mixture

Natural Remedies ::

Honey/Lemon drink for sore throats. Mix 1 heaped tablespoon with 1 lemon, add warm water and drink up!

Garlic/Honey for Colds/Coughs/Sore Throats/Infections!! Add 1 Garlic (Crushed) with a heaped tablespoon of honey, swallow down!

If you are not well then try healing with Pure Honey ~ it has more effect than over the counter medicine due to its natural properties! Make sure its Honey purchased from the Hive, not shop honey where its been treated!

And add garlic to your meals…you will be surprised how healthy you will become.

How Do You Like French Toast?

Yummy Breakfast!

Yummy Breakfast!

Savory or Sweet?

Thanking you for following our Journey.



New Life on the Road.

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