Munching Monday Grass Fed Beef Lasagne

My boys love Lasagne and ask me to cook it whenever we have access to an oven! So when we were going to my brothers on Saturday the first thing they wanted was Lasagne.

Mind you there was so much meat/bread rolls/salad/Cheese Cake that they didn’t actually eat the Grass Fed Beef Lasagne until Dinner time!

Munching Monday Grass Fed Beef Lasagne ::

Munching Monday Grass Fed Beef Lasagne

Trying this Beef for the First time

 Not sure How Good It Was ~

I don’t eat mince meat but My Boys All Loved it!

Ingredients ::

500gm – 1kg of Grass Feed Beef

2 Onions

1 Glove of Garlic

2 Carrots {Grated}

1Kg of Mushroom {Sliced}

1 Jar of Pasta Sauce

4 Tomatoes {Diced}

Lasagne Sheets

Salt/Pepper/Mixed Herbs

Red Wine

Brown Sugar

Starting to cook the Lasagne

Browning the Onion

Method ::

Brown the Onion, Garlic and Mushrooms.

Adding the Mushrooms

The Onions can more browned if you like, I was pushed for time!!

Add the Diced Tomatoes – after the Onions and Mushrooms are browned

Browning the Grass Fed Beef

Make sure the mince meat is really well cooked

 Add the Mince Meat. Make sure its all completely Browned – Breaking it up as much as possible into tiny pieces of Mince Meat to make sure all of it is Browned.

Adding my Secret Ingredient

Adding My Secret Ingredient – Brown Sugar

Add the Grated Carrots.

Add the  Jar of Pasta Sauce, Red Wine {I Use about 2 cups of Red Wine, you can use as much as you like}, Salt and Pepper.

Stir in.

Add the Mixed Herbs – I use a lot of mixed Herbs to add flavour

Making the Cheese Sauce

Making the Cheese Sauce

Add Brown Sugar. About 2 Heaped Tablespoons of Brown Sugar – it adds sweetness to the Tomato and Pasta Sauce!

Bring to the Boil and then turn down to simmer for about 30 minutes.

Add water to the mixture if it becomes too dry.

Cheese Sauce ::

Ingredients ::

{As Per Instructions on the Lasagne Box}


Plain Flour




Method ::

Melt the Butter

Add the Plain Flour slowly to avoid lumps.

Add the Milk, whisking it slowly so that again there is no lumps.

Add the Sliced or Grated Cheese with Salt and Pepper.

Making the Lasagne

Putting it into an oven dish

Putting the Lasagne Together ::

Place The Grass Feed Beef Mixture into a greased {I use cooking spray} baking pan {one that has sides big enough to hold the mixture}

Add the Cheese Sauce

Add a layer of lasagne sheets

Continue until the pan is filled

Then top with LOTS of Grated Cheese {or sliced cheese}

Lasagne into the oven

Putting the Lasagne Into the Oven

Sorry I forgot to get a Photo ~

After it was cooked!

Place in the oven and cook for about 50 minutes, or until Brown on top, and the Lasagne Sheets are soft

Enjoy with your Favorite Drink.

Have You Tried Cooking With Grass Feed Beef Before?

Let Me Know If You Try our Lasagne!

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