Munching Monday Green Smoothies

Watch out world I am on the biggest health Kick in ages, not sure what is going on, nor do I understand it but my body is craving Green Smoothies and Salads in a very big way.

Actually it started on Friday and its now Monday, so basically its been four days of having a Green Smoothies for Breakfast and then Salad for Lunch!!!s

And I have stopped my after dinner Chocolate Biscuits snack? Every night I normally crave Chocolate so I have it either in a bar, or in a biscuit, or even in Chocolate Bullets. NOPE have no desire to have any of that since Friday???

Normally I crave Salad/Fruit/Vegetables when I am pregnant and seen as how that’s not possible I am starting to wonder what is going on the inside.

Munching Monday Green Smoothies

Start of the Green Smoothies

Munching Monday Green Smoothies ::

Ingredients :

Baby Spinach






Kiwi Fruit

{Ginger when I have some}

Healthy Breakfast

Adding the Fruit and Veggies!

Method ::

Cut all fruit into slices.

Put the Rocket/Baby Spinach in the bottom of the blender

Add the Fruit/Veggies

Any Combination?

Adding the Chia Seeds to the Green Smoothies

Adding the Chia Seeds

Yes you can add any combination to make it healthy. Normally we have Frozen Berries which our boys love because it takes it from a “Green Smoothie” to a “Berry Smoothie” <—— that way they don’t realise they are eating Greens!!

Can also add Lemon and Ginger for a Kick Start to your day.

All of the ingredients ready to blend

Almost ready to blend

Or Beetroot to give your body a big detox in one go.

Actually I am going to be doing Don Tolman Cabala Juice in the next week or so, where I am going to be making Vlogs along the journey to a New Body Detox. My body is crying out for inner health so I am listening.

Ready to blend together

Now its ready to blend up

Do You Have A Favorite Green Smoothies Recipe?

If So Share It Here.

Once you make your own Munching Monday Green Smoothies let me know!

Yummy Part

The Yummy Part of a Smoothies



New Life on the Road.

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