My Family Makes Me Happy :: Easter Weekend

I was happily surprised to hear from my Older Son on Thursday who let me know he was coming down for the Easter Weekend. Then I asked if he had spoken to my two brothers to see what they were doing for Easter. Before I knew it they all planned to come for Easter and spend the weekend with us – three extra men in my life sure meant I was totally out numbered.

And totally in love with all of them ~ I was over the moon happy. My Family Makes Me Happy and to have all of them for the Easter Weekend was the most amazing adventure ever.

Nothing can compete with having my two brothers and older son with us – I actually helped raise my brother David because I was about 13 when he was born and he was looked after by me a lot while our parents worked.

Did I tell you how proud I am of my brothers? They both are so successful in their life ~ working in Jobs in Canberra, with goals that they set and achieve. They rock.

Here is My Easter Weekend in Photos ::

We drove to the lookout at Port Kembla

We drove to the lookout at Port Kembla

Zachery with Cameron ~

Looking at the gorgeous View.

We decided to head to Port Kembla ~ driving up to “Hill 60” Port Kembla NSW so that my family could have a look at Wollongong and decide where they would like to go for the day!


Kyle ~ With his name on his jumper

Kyle ~ With his name on his jumper

Yes Kyle wrote his own name on his jumper with texta. I think its so clever how he can write it upside down and back to front? I asked him why he wrote his name on the outside and he said “So that I don’t lose my jumper when we go out“.

I asked him if next time we could please write it on the Label. He agreed that was OK πŸ™‚

Here is our Older Son in Deep Thought.

Here is our Older Son in Deep Thought.

Here is Our Woody Older Son ~

Deep in thought. Would love to know what he is thinking about in this picture!!! He is so very quite now days, almost like he is thinking before he speaks out loud. And he has a very quite voice.

Sometimes I have to really concentrate on blocking out the chatter around me to hear him. I did ask if he and I could have a photo together but he didn’t want one taken. I respected those wishes….taking as many photos of him with his Dad!

My Brother Daniel with Kyle

My Brother Daniel with Kyle

My brother David has the most calming manner with kids ~ he sure is going to make a great Dad one day. And his sense of humor had all of us in laughter all weekend!!

Important Men in my life

Important Men in my life

Our older son, Zachery, David (Hubby) and my brother Daniel

Would love to know what these two were talking about!

Would love to know what these two were talking about!

Daniel with Cameron ~

My brother Daniel and I were not as close as my brother David and I. Only because I never had to look after him as much as I had to with my brother Dave. Yet I am so very proud of him, and I like to think that we are closer now days!

He is incredibly Work Driven, with a job that has a lot of responsibility ~ so he works hard, and party’s hard. I really like him…he is a nice down to earth guy that would do anything for his family.

Like Father Like Son

This is my favorite Photo from Yesterday. Like Father, Like Son.

Yesterday my older son spent time with his Dad. I am not sure what they talked about but they seemed to have a good time together. This is one of my favorite photos from our Easter Weekend. Its like a mirror image.

Kyle asked me yesterday who my favorite boy was in our family.

I let him know that I don’t have a favorite child as such, but my favorite is having all of my boys together happily. -that is what I love the most ~ all of them happy.

Easter Weekend with Family

This two are no longer close anymore…hope that changes one day?

Nicholas with Cameron ~

They barely can stand each other anymore. And only get along when they are talking about something they both like. Hope one day they become good friends again?

Zachery Daniel and Older son

Wonder what they all are thinking?

Zachery wont let me take photos of him anymore so I treasure this one. Daniel on his phone….and our older son is in thinking mode again!!

Exploring the area

Kyle was exploring the area ~ with his imagination we were standing on a Live Army Bunker!!

Kyle went down the side of the hill to explore more of the area. He has the most amazing imagination. With his Brother Cameron they discovered an old Army Bunker but they reckon it was active.

Cameron looking out at the water

Sitting on the Big Chair looking out at Sea.

We have been to Hill 60 Before ~

but never noticed this Chair! Cameron loved sitting on it to look out at the Sea.

Like Dad Like Son

Two of the guys that matter to me.

Like Father, Like Son!

David and our older Son looked like one and the same! Every time I looked over they were together. Standing, or sitting they had the same body pose! These two guys are so important to my happiness.

Love this Photo

My Brother David has made some major changes ~ he looks good!

My brother David has started to become really fit ~ working out before work and after work. It sure has payed off because he looks incredible. With his hot new looks, and his great out look on life he sure is a catch for all those young hot babes out there!

My brothers are good for my soul.

Daniel said I look really good when he arrived. Can’t remember the exact words but it was something along the lines of “You are looking so good” ~ And I didn’t pay him to say that!! It was music to my ears.

Then my brother David texted me late last night “Bus Looks Good and You Look Fitter Then Last Time I Seen You”.

Yep they are good for my inner health….and they make me happy.

Thanking you to the 8 men in my life. You made my Easter Weekend a good one.

Did You All Have A Good Easter?

Who Makes You Happy In Life?

Thanking you for following our Journey.



New Life on the Road.

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