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Nanas Pantry :: The Best Icecream In The World

Posted by on January 18, 2013

When we were in Bundaberg (for the Christmas/New Eves Period) we had LOTS of running back in forward to Bundaberg to arrange things to get our Motorhome registered. Gee that was one exhausting holiday!

Yet David still made sure we went to places where we could explore new flavours.

Nana's Pantry

Nana’s Pantry

The Best Icecream in the World ::

I am not really that fond of Ice-Cream which sounds weird considering I used to be a Manager of an Ice-Cream store. Actually I loved running the chains of stores and would happily own an Ice-Cream store if the occasion ever happened to come up, but I wouldn’t be that much into having it all the time!

Yet David insisted that we tried Nana’s Pantry Gelati Ice-Cream in a Waffle Cone…..

Which One Would You Pick?

Which One Would You Pick?

Oh My.

I think that it would be very dangerous for all of us if we lived close by.

And I do know that I wished I had more time to re-visit there and try every single flavour…..

Try to pick out one flavour is next to impossible!

Try to pick out one flavour is next to impossible!

When it did come time to choose which one to have I changed my mind at least three times!

Cameron knew which one he wanted, and so did David.

Cameron Knew Which One He Wanted!

Cameron Knew Which One He Wanted!

David knew he wanted to try Pistachio

David knew he wanted to try Pistachio

David Wanted To Flavour the Pistachio ~

To find out if the Gelato is good you try their Pistachio!

It passed the test.

Shopping for the best

Shopping for the best

Without a doubt – if you are ever in Bundaberg you MUST try and get to Nana’s Pantry store. Browsing through the produce will mean a treat or two, and they even have a spot where you can sit down and enjoy your Gelati – mind you make sure you go before eating food so that you can enjoy the full cone.

Cameron Loved his Tim Tam Gelato

Cameron Loved his Tim Tam Gelato

Now if only they had more stores like that around Australia!

What’s your Favorite Gelati ?

Do you have in a Waffle Cone or Cup?

Location ::

38 Electra Street
Bundaberg, 4670

Phone ::

4154 1000

Opening Hours ::

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri :: 8.30  – 6.30

Thursday :: 8.30 -8.30

Saturday 8.30 – 5.30




New Life on the Road.

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3 Responses to Nanas Pantry :: The Best Icecream In The World

  1. Caz (The Truth About Mummy)

    Not sure if I can walk past the Tim Tam Lisa!!!!! If I ever get up that way I’ll be checking that out for sure :)
    Caz (The Truth About Mummy) recently posted..What do you use your Weet-Bix for? {No Bake Weet-Bix Slice Recipe}

    • Lisa

      Hi Caz,

      It was so yummy! And yep if you ever get to Bundaberg you will fall in love with their Icecreams!

      I cant wait to try more flavours next time we are up that way :)

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