New Motorhome

After buying a Motorhome from eBay and then having tell my hubby afterwards, we have to decide to do we keep Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus or do we sell her and Buy a New Motorhome?

New Motorhome

New MotorhomeOur Motorhome was not new – not by a long shot! Actually the guy that sold our Motorhome was very clever – he took photos of the Motorhome from afar, and from years back so the Motorhome was not in the condition of what was in the photos or the listing. But I knew in my heart that buying the Motorhome was what our family needed! David is extremely handy (aand he can make anything look good!!) as he is a boat builder and has been building Caravans for years.

Why Buy A Motorhome Without Seeing It?

So why did I buy a Motorhome without seeing it? It was a decision that I made, and I will never regret it! I so would do it all over again. I wanted to save our family – our five boys were growing apart and we were so busy with life that we did not have time for living. I knew that if we brought a New Motorhome that David would not be happy because it would not be made the way he would like! So I brought our Motorhome from eBay, sight unseen and location unknown. Once we got here brought back from NSW to QLD David and I had a long chat and decided to keep Rose and turn her into a New Motorhome.

Here is our second night Vlog of us sleeping in our Motorhome

Too Excited To Sleep!

After our First Night in our Motorhome I was very tired! I was too excited to actually sleep 🙂 So our second night was good – I actually got to sleep. Did you see our New Motorhome – See My House?  If you missed seeing our vlog of our first night in our Motorhome, here is the link.

New Motorhome or Used Motorhome?

Would you buy a New Motorhome or a Used Motorhome? I think that our Motorhome has so much character and history. It was a school bus – Bus 44, taking on passengers to and from school. It had a sign in one of the cupboards, that we are keeping, and it was already set up as a Motorhome. Buying a Bus and converting it over would have been easier for David but would also have taken longer. We are keen to get on the road, and travel – so for us buying a Used Motorhome and renovating it till it looks like a New Motorhome was a better option.

Next time I will have to see if I can find before/after photos so you can see how much our Motorhome has changed since we brought her. From my eyes she looks like a New Motorhome – even has a new front door!



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