Our Motorhome Beginnings

 I can’t believe that I found this video!! Its actually from David 🙂 He doesn’t like to get on the video as much as what he son’s do, but I am super happy that he made it.

Its way back when we first started our Journey….its the beginning of this crazy journey. The Motorhome before he renovated it, Our Motorhome Beginnings, before David destroyed the inside and put it all back together!….

Our Motorhome Beginnings ::

Then To This ::

Then he went on to pulling apart the motorhome from the back to the front! Gosh that was such a long time ago.

He Even Rebuilt The Windows!

Will show you more of how she went from an “Old Life” to “New Life” over the next few weeks. David is so very handy in that he can renovated/Build/Create and make basically anything.

What Do You Like About The Old Motorhome?

Do you reckon he should have kept anything? Or do you Like The Newer Look of our Motorhome?



New Life on the Road

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