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Our New Sponsor Motorhome Rental

Posted by on August 6, 2013

I thought that I would update you all on Our New Sponsor Motorhome Rental Search Tool. Not too sure if you all noticed our new sponsor box on the right hand side of our blog {at the top} but I thought it would be best to explain how it works and why its there.

Our New Sponsor Motorhome Rental

Because we live in a Motorhome I was approached by a Motorhome Hire Company to see if we could work together. And I thought the company was a good fit for “New Life on the Road” so I agreed. Now that doesn’t mean that I will be less true to our readers, nor does it affect how this blog works, but it does help you all out if you were to want to look into Motorhome Rental.

our new sponsor motorhome rental

renting a Motorhome easily

So How Do I Use The Motorhome Rental Search Box?

You first need to pick your country!

{with a drop down tab}

then you chose your pick up location

{again with a drop down tab}

Next you decide where you will be dropping off your Motorhome Rental

{drop down tab once again!}

Now you need to work out your Pick Up Date followed by your drop off Date.

Followed by Vehicle Type, with your choice of Currency.

For example you if you lived in Australia and you want to travel in Australia then that is the country you will pick!!

The last section will be Country of where you live, then hit that “Search Button” – it will take you to another page {I hope}. Its that easy to be able to travel with Our New Sponsor Motorhome Rental box..

Motohrome Holiday

Book Your Holiday Now

Let Me Know ::

If you do want to search for a Motorhome Rental and you use New Life on the Road search box, drop back here and let us know how easy it was to book your vehicle of choice for your holiday!!! Sure hope it helps you to travel comfortably.

Would You Book a Motorhome Rental To Travel In?



New Life on the Road.’

PS :: YES we do get paid for when you use the search box to the right of our blog, but we only promote what we believe in!

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6 Responses to Our New Sponsor Motorhome Rental

  1. budget jan

    Motorhome Holiday Hire is an excellent fit for your blog. We have hired a campervan in Canada on line before and had a wonderful trip. I recommend campervan holidays to everyone!
    budget jan recently posted..Tuesday in Townsville Strand Night Markets

  2. Little Gumnut

    I DID notice that little widget yesterday! Very nifty. I’ll definitely think of coming here to book if we hire one in the future. Great idea and great fit!
    Little Gumnut recently posted..Next Gen Leadership & Vision

    • Lisa

      Would be great to book one for a Holiday :) Especially would be handy with children and touring more of Australia or even overseas!

  3. Nancie

    Camper vans are great, but being a solo traveler and a female, I would probably never rent and travel in one on my own. I just feel it would be all around too stressful.
    Nancie recently posted..Travel Photo Thursday — August 1st, 2013 — Blue is for Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia

    • Lisa

      I so would recommend motorhome travel – it would be ideal for anyone because you are able to move on easily.
      But again maybe having a travel partner would be ideal.

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