Postcard From Bundaberg

We are at Bundaberg for the time being (as many of you are aware!) as we are trying like mad to get Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus finished off so that we can continue to travel around Australia.

Today I took the boys to the Botanic Gardens in Bundaberg so that they could run off their excess energy!

Postcard From Bundaberg

There are some really great tourist attractions in Bundaberg and some amazing parks. The boys were keen to feed the ducks today, and walk all over the Botanic Gardens so we spent the morning there.

Here is our postcard from Bundaberg for today!

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Botanic Gardens

At the Botanic Gardens there is a great kids playground, Hinkler Hall of Aviation which is about a year old plus the new toilet facility at the rear of the Hinkler Hall Of Aviation centre, Cafe 1928- where you can buy Duck food for about $.050 cents!, Gardens, Picnic Tables, Bert Hinkler House, Plenty of parking, Australian Sugarcane Railway, Museum, and lots of places to stretch your legs walking through the amazing walk ways!

Our First Postcard

Seen as Bundaberg is our first port of call – or at least our first big trip in Rose I thought a Postcard from Bundaberg was only fitting!

There will be more to come as we discover places all over Bundaberg that our boys can learn from and stretch their legs!

We have been to the Council Zoo last week, and the Chinese New Year festival in the park.

Our boys are all keen to try their hand at fishing (I am so not keen!) so that is probably our next tour of somewhere sometime soon. What is your favorite place to visit in Australia?

Looking Forward To Many More Postcards

Looking forward to creating many other Postcards from Bundaberg…and from all over Australia as we get out and about!

It was a good day at Bundaberg Botanic Gardens – feeding the ducks, eels, turtles and the lizards!

What is your favorite place in Bundaberg?


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