Road Side Assistance Its A Must

Disclosure: this is a paid post for RACV sponsored by Nuffnang– The following crazy road trips stories are from all of our road trips over the years!

There is one town we wished we could bye-pass every single time but yet we must travel through it from Sunshine Coast heading up north.

Gympie The Town We Always Break Down In ::

It Started 20 Years Ago….

David and I moved with our oldest son {who was about 11 months old} from New South Wales to North Queensland. We were also pregnant with our second child at the time, and gee was the morning sickness bad – it was all day sickness. When we stopped at Gympie it wasn’t cause we wanted to, it was cause our old Blue Station Wagon Car was in need of repairs.

It was one of those old Big Blue Station Wagons, without the power steering – not sure how I ever drove the thing?

So we stopped at a Motel for a few days while David got the part sorted and fixed the car. I still don’t remember that trip – David reckons I was “Green” all day long no matter what I ate!

On the Road Again ::

No worries, we continued on our Journey and moved our life to Moronbah {mining Town} and then later onto Mackay, then onto Redcliffe, then onto D’aguilar, then onto Glasshouse Mountains, and then into our Motorhome!

We moved so many times over our marriage life – would have been cheaper to own a Motorhome way back then instead of moving so much stuff from one place to another – but I guess you can’t have a crystal ball to see into the future.

Another Time We Broke Down In Gympie ::

Then there was another time we were driving through with our White 4wd Tarago Van – Again we got to Gympie and she over heated….we had to pull over and spend a few hours letting it cool down before working out what’s the issue was.

With David’s smart thinking we have always been able to avoid a highly stressful and unhelpful trips with roadside emergency situations taken care of – travelling with our vehicle covered with roadside assistance has meant that we only have to find a phone {even used a Farm Phone once before cause we didn’t have mobiles back then} call up and quote our membership number/number plate of our vehicle and within minutes we are being assured that help will be on its way

Same Vehicle Same Year ::

That same White 4wd Tarago Van had to be towed home so many times in one year that we weren’t allowed any more “Free Tows” – yeah we had to get rid of her and buy another vehicle very soon after. It became a joke when she wouldn’t even make a five minute trip down to the school without over heating – way too silly to own that car anymore!

It was so good to feel at ease with knowing that we could have a “Friend” to call when ever we broke down. David has always “Paid” the highest Membership Benefit with RACQ so that we can have our vehicle towed home, and a taxi called to take us home – and we have always been in the Radius of “Free Transportation”.

Its not worth travelling any time {especially in the School Holidays} without the RACQ/RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance – its the assurance you need if you don’t want to be caught on the roadside with no one to call and you have far more important places to be – like sitting on the beach relaxing! Or travelling to the outback to see that special sunset! {hint hint its time we went free camping again!}

Another Car Another Day ::

Then there was another time I was driving back from Brisbane to Bundaberg in our Big Old Blue Pajero – and I got to the Cooloola Rocks and Minerals where I discovered that I had no oil in the Pajero – its was bone dry. I had only stopped to check out a car trailer that was for sale, luckily I did because I could smell burning oil.

This time I couldn’t drive any further without Road Side Assistance.

We Made Sure We Have Always Had Road Side Assistanceits a Must when you have a crappy run down any car and you are on the road. RACV {for Victoria} or RACQ {for QLD} Emergency Roadside Assistance is the assurance you need if you don’t want to be caught on the roadside with no one to call, it takes the stress out of road trips, especially considering how big Australia is.

BUT :: Make sure you update your address details with RACV/RACQ before you ring them for assistance. Cause the cover was in Hubby’s name, the car was in hubby name and the address was still for our own house {which we had sold}, and it was a public holiday I had a bit of issue getting it all sorted out over the phone before they could come out to look at the Pajero.

Pajero and Motorhome


That time they could tow the Pajero back to Bundaberg – But I was left stranded….there are no hire cars available around Gympie area in a Public Holiday! And their is not any transport on a Public Holiday – Yeah it was fun at Easter!

Note :: Our Pajero is now a on a Farm, as a Bush Basher – its a great car for trashing on the land!

So I had to get Hubby to drive down from Bundaberg in our other car…..

Another Car The Same Day ::

Would you believe what happened?

Yeah David’s White Ute had issues with the Batteries/Lights. It was night time and the lights were draining the Batteries  on the car so it kept stopping…..

I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t in the car – now I can laugh about it but back then I was almost crying cause a 5 hour road trip turned into an all day 12 hours road trip.

Funny how life works out – we meet amazing people that day that helped us get back on the road. And our Pajero was delivered in Bundaberg no worries – we had to wait for the following day for a tow truck to be available.

We now always insist that we travel with Road Side Assistance Assuranceits a Must. We have had it for over 20 years+ and we wouldn’t ever drive without it. Now days we still have it for our Campervan, actually I must check and see what address it has for our everyday car, wouldn’t want to be able to NOT Call someone who care, calling RACQ/RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance is the assurance I need, especially when I am travelling with my boys by myself – its almost like my security blanket. My reassurance that I can travel and know I am being looked after.

The yearly membership fee has more then paid for itself over our years of Road Trips. I wouldn’t like to think about how much money we would have to had to come up with for towing!

The Road Side Assistance Companies Australia Wide ::

In Queensland its called RACQ. In New South Wales its called NRMA. In Victoria its called RACV, in Western Australia its called RAC, in South Australia its called RAA, in Northern Territory its called AANT, in Tasmania its called RACT.

Another State Same Pajero ::

There was another time in Mackay, where I was driving our Pajero home from a waterfall back to Sarina….when all of a sudden the car was jerking back and forward and then the petrol was blocked so that I was Bunny Hopping down the road….till I could pull over safely.

I called RACQ and they arranged for their mechanics to arrive as soon as they can. While I was waiting a farm hand guy pulled over and took the Pajero for a spin to see what was going on….would you believe that the Crappy Fuel had cleared itself and I was able to cancel RACQ and continue on my way {felt a bit embarrassed about wasting their time but they were happy that I was being helped}

The Farm Hand guy followed behind to make sure I made it safely to my turn off, we beeped at each other and he turned off to his destination – so many kind wonderful Australians out there.

Never did catch the Farm Hand’s name and number….how silly of me considering how cute he was – Cowboy’s are so hot hey!

Another Time Another Vehicle ::

Then there was the {one of the many times} Time the Bedford Broke Down…..yeah it wasn’t in Gympie but it was close enough that we were all laughing, and saying “Of course we had to break down now” – that time David was able to work out it was a blocked fuel line. Not sure if Road Side Assistance would cover Motorhomes?

Luckily that time we woke up and seen that we were parked next to a Mechanics.  And between our helpful Facebook Friends/the Mechanics next door and David’s skillful investigations we worked out what we needed to do to continue on our ways.

Our Bedford


Going Through Gympie ::

The other day I was driving through Gympie, and I looked at every single landmark of where we have broken down over the years – putting together the car, the spot, the story of why and wondering why Gympie is the town we always get stuck in.

It made me smile to look back on those “Moments” {Memories} – but I wasn’t Smiling back when it happened, now I realise that those times made me appreciate the assurance that we did have.

Luckily this time I was able to keep on driving with no issues – I did look down at our Campervan Temperature Gauge to make sure it was still cool enough! Paranoid or what!

I love the idea of a Little Bit of Magic Coming To My Rescue ::

We Could All Do With A Bit of Magic In Our Life

But if you want more then magic then check out something that is heaps more helpful with RACV – road side assistance gives you peace of mind.

Do You Travel With Roadside Assistance?

We think Travelling With Roadside AssistanceIts A Must.



New Life on the Road

All thoughts and opinions are our own. And yes we have had that many crazy road trip stories over the years with our various vehicles!

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8 thoughts on “Road Side Assistance Its A Must

  • March 22, 2015 at 7:47 pm

    I have my mum signed up with NRMA Motoring & Services Classic Care – we had a promotion on where you got the first 6 months and only paid the joining fee. We haven’t actually had to use them yet – it’s just a bit of a security blanket that we have in case our Toyota Camry breaks down or gets a flat tyre

    • March 22, 2015 at 9:22 pm

      That is so good that your Mum has the reassurance with NRMA. Fingers crossed you don’t need it anytime soon, but yeah like you said its a great security blanket 🙂

  • March 22, 2015 at 8:22 pm

    I have had NRMA roadside assistance ever since I bought my first car when I was 18. It’s been that long that I am now a gold member. I sure used it with breakdowns with that first car! As a side – I swear I saw that motorhome driving south through Scone today!

    • March 22, 2015 at 9:01 pm

      So good that you have full coverage with NRMA – its funny how handy the Road Side Assistance is when travelling!

      OH my gosh I sure hope not….our motorhome is being stored in NSW while we are on the Sunshine Coast – mind you its missing a vital part so I don’t think anyone could take it for a spin 🙂

    • March 29, 2015 at 10:27 pm

      Thanks 🙂

  • January 21, 2017 at 8:22 am

    You’re right about the convenience of traveling while covered under road side assistance. This is definitely the assurance that drivers ought to consider, as you suggest.

  • September 26, 2017 at 6:30 am

    I would definitely be a lot less optimistic than you if I had that many breakdowns in the same small town. It sounds like you guys have had quite the journey over the years with all of your vehicles, and it definitely sounds like roadside assistance has been good for you. I am getting new car insurance when I move to a new state, and I’m definitely going to look into roadside assistance. Especially because I won’t have people around that can come help me instead.


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