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Roses For Valentines Day :: Plus Our Gift To You!

Posted by on February 7, 2013

 * This is a sponsored product review. All thoughts and opinions are my own :)

I love Roses, any colour but Red is my all time favorite. Last year I forgot that it was Valentines Day, and David surprised me with gifts – even a card! I hope this year to surprise him with something/anything…..maybe something to do with Coffee/Chocolate because they are his favorites things.

Roses For Valentines Day

Yesterday Kyle came running into our Motorhome with a huge grin on his face, and the instructions “Mummy, quick close your eyes. We have a surprise for you”.

I love how sweet he is – he is always bringing me something – be it flowers or even a bug (he loves animals!) so I am was not sure what he was going to show me but I was looking forward to it!

My eyes were shut, and for good measure I used my hand to cover them.  Actually David came in carrying the most amazing Red Roses I have ever seen – it blew me away with how big they were – and the gorgeous colour….perfect.

Valentines Day Red Roses

Valentines Day Red Roses

I think my mouth hit the ground….I do remember sitting there going “Oh MY gosh, they are gorgeous, where did you get them from?”

The lady at the front desk of the Resort, we are staying at, had Called David up on the phone to come and get them. She thought David was giving them to me, but in reality Interflora was kind enough to have Red Roses For Valentines Day delivered. I am still looking at them with amazement….have you ever seen such gorgeous flowers before?

Why Are Roses My Favorite Flower?

My late Grandma LOVED Roses, her favorite was yellow – maybe because they mean happiness and friendship? We used to even have a Rose Garden at our house in D’aguilar – with many different colours.

Red has always been my favorite. I even have a tattoo of one on my shoulder’s (with hubby’s name underneath it). It was tattoed  way back when we only had two sons, and I keep waiting to add to it with our family details (names etc) but I am still not sure how/what I want to have done!

Red Rose on My Shoulder

Red Rose on My Shoulder

I took this photo in the bathroom mirror!

Saying Thanking You

After such a challenging week the Roses For Valentines Day was  a very big welcome, and made my day brighter. I am still smiling when I think about how Kyle let me know they had arrived. {Thanking you Interflora for making my week}

Years ago I used Interflora online to send flowers to family members – it was so easy to do.  I have sent them as Birthday Gifts, Saying Sorry Gifts and even for Family Members Funerals. What I really like is how you can choose your price range, the occasion, the type of flowers you want to send and even add a personal message that allows you to speak from the heart. It’s not as good as being there in person, but its the next best thing because you can add your own personal taste to the delivery.

If I could I would have arranged to have these flowers sent out to you all – I love giving, and I love making another person’s day brighter.

Adding water and crystals

Interflora Flowers

Red roses in our Vase

LOVE these Flowers!

Here is an idea that I have come up with ……..

This is my idea (I am not being paid to do this, nor have I received any money to do this)…..

I would like to “Gift” one of you a special bunch of Flowers to make your day brighter.

Here Is What I Would Like ::

Please connect with Interflora Facebook Page  <——–click on the red writing!! (and let me know you have)

Please connect with our facebook Page <——Click on the Red Writing! (and Let me know you have/or already are!!)

What You Need To Do To Enter ::

Then tell me (in the comments below)”What Would A Bunch Of Flowers Do For You“…..would it make you smile, make your day brighter, or would you like them delivered to you so that you can give them to someone you love?

They won’t be in time for Valentines Day cause its coming up sooner than I thought – but they will be delivered soon afterwards.

This is my way of paying it forward! I want to the gift of giving to touch another person – maybe the person who wins the flowers can then pay it forward to someone else by doing something/anything nice for them (it doesn’t have to be in the form of giving flowers – it could be in many ways – giving a hug, giving a helping hand, giving a cup of coffee)

I would love this idea to come about because Interflora was kind enough to give us flowers.

Here Is What I Am Talking About ::

  YouTube Preview Image

I want to give a little bit of love!

Kyle Holding the Red Valentine Roses

Sweet Kyle LOVES giving!

Have You Ever Use Interflora Before?

If so share your experience!

Thanking You Interflora for giving a bit of love xxx



New Life on the Road

Please Note :: The Red Roses were delivered in time for Valentines Day, for a sponsored blog post. All thoughts and Opinions are my own.

Giving flowers to one of our readers is New Life on the Road’s Idea. We are not being paid to.

PS:- Make sure you enter to receive a Bunch of Flowers.

*** The winner will be chosen by our boys – not by me! And will be because our boys decide who needs a smile . The Idea finishes 19th February 2013 5.00pm  – you will recieve the flowers once I have your postage details ***

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17 Responses to Roses For Valentines Day :: Plus Our Gift To You!

  1. Julie

    Lisa, I truly love your outlook on life. The whole ‘pay it forward’ idea is awesome! As to what a bunch of flowers would do for me? Just make me feel happy and smile – much like you – down on the old luck at the moment – but trying to stay positive and look on the bright side of life. As you saying whereever you are in your journey…….well we are still in the planning, going the long way round but eventually we hope to follow in the footsteps of those brave families before us! xxJulie

    • Lisa

      Hi Julie,

      Love how flowers would bring a smile to your face – it sure makes a day brighter, and adds so much colour to it :)

      Thanking you for your gorgeous words.


  2. budget jan

    I would love my daughter to win some lovely Interflora flowers as her Birthday is in February. She is an artist at heart and in her free time (she works full time as well)and flowers are one of her favourite things to paint (as well as the moon and trees). Quite often she will pick a flower and take it into her room (woman cave) to paint or sketch. Her grandmothers sometimes get given her flower art for birthdays or Christmas, and I do too. When she is out she photographs trees and flowers that catch her artist’s eye for inspiration. This year she is visiting friends for a week for her birthday but she will be home on the 19th.
    It does not surprise me that you dreamt up this “pay it forward” scheme Lisa, because that is the way you are. :)
    budget jan recently posted..Wwoofing Interview &#8211; A Ticket to Budget Travel

    • Lisa

      Hi Jan,

      I love how you would like to “Gift” them to your daughter because its her favorite things to paint, and its Birthday. Thanking you for sharing your idea of a gift.


  3. Jackie Stenhouse

    Hi Lisa

    I would love to give them to my cousin who was evacuated in the floods. She was out of her home for 10 days and was soooooo lucky that the water only had to rise another inch and it would have went in her house. She did however lose her car and possessions in her shed. She lives by herself after she lost her husband a couple of years ago and the car was his so she was pretty upset about it but very grateful her house wasn’t flooded. A bunch of flowers would light up her day I reckon.

    • Lisa

      Hi Jackie,

      I am so very sorry that she lost her car, but very grateful that her house was ok.
      There are so many flood stories coming out – sure hope that the people are getting the help they need. Its crazy that nothing was done last year to change what could happen this year (on the Bundaberg river front).

      Yet its so very good to hear so many Aussies helping each other.

      Thanking you for letting us know what a bunch of flowers would do for your cousin xxx


  4. Michelle V

    Firstly, may I say what a beautiful and generous idea this is.
    I would give these flowers to my darling sister. She is a wonderful mum of two adorable girls aged 2 and under.
    We have always been close as we are only 16 months apart in age, and bought even closer with the tragic passing of our brother when he was just 12.
    We didn’t have the happiest of childhoods; one of my earliest memories is that we’d push our beds close together and fall asleep holding hands to comfort each other.
    Over the years, she’s been here to hold my hands through so many things, and I’d just like to thank her, and let her know that she is a really important person in my life.
    I don’t often tell her that I love her, but I am sure these beautiful flowers would show her that I do.
    Many thanks for the opportunity to brighten her day like she brightens mine.

  5. Lisa | Renovating Italy

    Lisa I love that the boys are going to choose the winner and give someone that fabulous smile. I know you will have so many to choose from and I think they should go to someone doing it tough, luckily nobody I know right now is in that situation but so many others are not that lucky. I have used interflora and yes totally agree that both the gifting and receiving of flowers is a joy. I’m going to send you a special photo and for us it is red roses for my Mum and yellow ones for my brother Brad xxx sending love to you all as always x

  6. Angie Boylan

    What a generous and lovely idea
    No roses have ever been here
    My hubby doesn’t ever think
    To buy them – he’s a stink
    A special bunch would brighten my week
    Put a smile on my dial and blush in cheek!

    • Lisa

      Hi Angie,

      Thanking you for sharing your gift idea.

      Bummer about Hubby not giving you flowers!!

  7. Jody Jamieson

    these are so beautiful and my favourite flower i would love these to give to my husband and one each to my girls its been a hard star to the year with my hubby having a work accident and needing surgery on one of his hand to save it as he put it into a moving radiator fan hubby is self employed so we all rely on him and he is so upset that we can not go out or do anything for each other as hubbys pay does not come unless he works so we are doing hard like a lot of people at the moment and i would love to give him a surprise for a change as its not nice the position he is in now this would be the only time of year we buy for each other as the kids need so much but we are lucky to have each other to spend this beautiful day with so i would love to win to suprise hubby and the girls with a beautiful rose a treat for the whole family :)

    • Lisa

      Hi Jody,

      Thanking you for sharing your story of why you would like to gift flowers to give them away to your hubby and your girls. I love that you have shared from the heart.

      So sorry about your hubby’s hand.


  8. Kate Campbell

    This Valentine’s Day, my hubby was very sad. He never forgets Valentine’s Day, but yesterday he was working from 5 in the morning until almost 8 o’clock at night. He said he was really sorry that he hadn’t gotten me flowers like he usually does, and felt he had let me down. I told him that working long hours selflessly to give us a better life was all the present I could ask for. But I think he is the one who deserves flowers not me.
    Kate Campbell recently posted..Cat Thursday – Valentine’s Day

    • Kate Campbell

      I forgot to say, of course I followed both you 7 Interflora on FB. :)P.S. Love the tat.
      Kate Campbell recently posted..Cat Thursday – Valentine’s Day

    • Lisa

      Hi Kate,

      Its good that he is working, feel for him regards the flowers….David got me again this Valentines Day – I forgot even though I said I would get him something!

      I love flowers – and I love your idea of gifting some to your hubby.


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