Sometimes Its Okay To Quit

Many of you know that I have been doing a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy through a college in Brisbane. And by rights I should have graduated in June of 2016 and its now October 2016 and I have been slowly going through all the extra 16 subjects the college gave me, longing on every day to see if they have been marked off and waiting!

I have been waiting so long to graduate.

Well last night I logged in to find another subject where there was videos – lots and lots of videos to watch. And I was like “WTF” and I nearly lost it.

David made me chocolate {gee we would be so rich if he could sell the chocolate he makes!} and we had a long chat. I came to the decision that I was okay with finishing the 16 subjects, and I was okay with not doing the 70 extra massage hours in Brisbane, and I was okay with graduating on the old diploma.



Sometimes Its Okay To Quit.

And I woke up this morning, and made the decision to ring the college and ask them to sign me off on the old course. And yes it feels so good. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer have to log in anymore, I no longer have to worry about them signing off the projects and waiting. I could easily still be waiting to June 2017 to graduate with how long they take to mark the assignments.

Financially, Emotionally, Spiritually, and Physically I can no longer wait anymore. I can’t sit around knowing that my business life waits in the hands of those that are taking their time to mark the assignments, and taking their time to issue more learning information.

I have had a cold sore in the last week due to the lack of sleep trying to juggle everything. Now I can breathe easily, sleep more and be the best Mum to my boys again.

And I haven’t “Been” here for any of my family – sure I have been here in person, but not in personality. I have been so stressed that everyone has picked up on it.

David is so excited, we are hoping to celebrate with a Choofer BBQ dinner tonight! And I am hoping to have a few drinks, more chocolate and a good nights sleep.

He said this morning – finally, I get my wife back.

So yes Sometimes Its Okay To Quit, but you have to find peace within to accept that the best decision is to move forward and not look back.

Now I feel like life can head in the direction it needs to go, and I am excited.

Sending a massive thanking you so much to those that have helped along the way – they have been so many wonderful people on the Sunshine Coast and here in Bundaberg who have let me practice on them, who have helped answer all of my questions and who have helped me be a better Massage therapist. If you are in the Bundaberg area and would like a massage you can connect with my business facebook page “Sunset Massage“.

Now Lets Get The Party Started.



New Life on the Road

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes Its Okay To Quit

  • October 20, 2016 at 4:53 pm

    You said it well
    Life can now go in the direction it is supposed to go.
    Your heart Always knows


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